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20 十二月 2020

There’s a line in their earlier conversation, when Jimmy brushes off Kim’s invitation to tell him exactly what happened out in the desert, that tips how far in Kim is ready to go. “Better Call Saul” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. Jimmy and Mike arrive at a truck stop where Tyrus and Victor pick them up. Warrick Page/AMC/Sony Pictures Television, There’s a reason that Lalo is the perfect catalyst for a scene like this. Sort by. Returning to her job after a morning taking care of Jimmy, Kim realizes her job at Schweikart & Cokely isn’t fulfilling. share. Fortunately, the bold strategy works, and Lalo promptly heads out. Mike offers level-headed, if not exactly comforting, advice. If there’s one sequence that seems slightly disjointed from the rest of the episode, it’s the deluge of insults that Jimmy suffers from the plaintiff lawyer in the case that draws him back early to the courthouse. Jimmy attempts to return to business as usual, but it's more difficult than anticipated. The result is a beautifully delivered treatise on trauma and regret and, to some extent, denial. tOfficial Better Call Saul S05E09 “Bad Choice Road” Thread - That was the strongest episode of the season, for me. He’s Anton Chigurh, only the coinflips are happening in his head. He wants to hear Jimmy’s story again, attempting to catch Jimmy in a lie. There was a … At Over 4400 Reviews, “Bad Choice Road“ is holding steady at 9.9 on IMDb. “Bad Choice Road” ends with a 16-minute sequence that’s so intense, and so nerve-wracking, that I honestly felt like I was going to throw up. There’s still ample evidence that all Kim has done is delay the inevitable. “Bad Choice Road” begins with a sequel to the great montage from last season’s “Something Stupid.” Again, a cover of the Sinatra song plays as we see Jimmy and Kim in split screen. The juicer-induced panic attack back at the apartment points to a Jimmy that might not return to his chipper, fatally optimistic self any time soon. The arrival of Lalo forces all three people in the living room (and Mike listening in on a surreptitiously placed cell phone) to weigh in real time the information that they have at their disposal. Ever ones for sneaky misdirects, the “Better Call Saul” braintrust almost had everyone fooled that last week’s exodus through the desert had served that function instead, effectively setting up a two-part finale that dutifully finished out the rest of the unmade Season 5 moves. Bad Choice Road In the wake of Jimmy’s traumatic misadventure, Kim takes stock of what is important. 265. I felt these episodes together put me in an intense frame of mind, like when you're stressed and thinking to much and feeling desperate. It’s hard to believe that there’s only one more episode of Better Call Saul left this year. He probably doesn’t like working with Lalo either, but his motives are still a bit unclear. Nick Harley is an entertainment journalist and alumnus of Ohio University's E.W. During all of this, we see Mike watching through a sniper scope on an adjacent building. Because “Bad Choice Road” is an episode about the decisions we make and the places they lead us. Full Episode. Her explanation is just enough of a logic jump from one explanation to the next that, with the help of a little input from Jimmy, provides both a cover story and a reason to keep the abogado alive for any future murky deeds. I’m curious to see how next week’s episode attempts to tie up this spectacular season, and if Jimmy and Kim’s relationship can make it another 55-minute episode. Bad Choice Road In the wake of Jimmy's traumatic misadventure, Kim takes stock of what is important. Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Bad Choice Road Reviews Jimmy returns from the desert a changed man, and Kim is changed by the experience too in the latest Better Call Saul. [Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Better Call Saul” Season 5, Episode 9, “Bad Choice Road.”]. Maybe the particular breaking point was an unexpected one, but with her husband’s clientele taking a substantial pivot, there wasn’t going to be room for both of them to feel ethically compromised and emerge with their psyches intact. It’s become routine that the penultimate episode of a season serves as the climax in the era of Peak TV. Please note: Not everyone chooses to watch the trailers for the next episodes. I was on edge the entire time. Close. Giving Jonathan Banks his second straight episode with a pep talk monologue would be overkill in plenty of other situations. At one point this season Jimmy declared himself a god, now Kim’s fighting his battles and he’s standing scared on the sidelines. Even with Kim being nurturing and dismissing their “full disclosure” policy, Jimmy tries to will himself back to business as usual, but he’s off his game. Even though Mike takes issue with Gus’ method for keeping Nacho in line, he doesn’t press the issue further. Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. Jimmy would normally have a lie ready to satiate Lalo, but he’s still in a fragile state. «Bad Choice Road» is now the highest rated BCS episode on IMDb , entering the top 5! (The earlier leap down to the Esteem — rather than climb to the ditch floor — is just enough on the line of negligence to show that’s where he thrives.). At Over 4400 Reviews, “Bad Choice Road“ is holding steady at 9.9 on IMDb. " Bad Choice Road " is the ninth and penultimate episode of the fifth season of the AMC television series Better Call Saul, the spinoff series of Breaking Bad. For a sequence with so little movement, there’s a certain choreography at work here that goes beyond simple blocking. Jimmy’s near-death experience changes Kim too. Sitting comfortably, he effectively monopolizes the whole couch (and most of the living room along with it). The first four-fifths of “Bad Choice Road” certainly function like a deep breath before the final plunge. He has the unpredictability of his impulsive, petulant brother combined with the faux geniality of his chicken CEO rival. tOfficial Better Call Saul S05E09 “Bad Choice Road” Thread Posted by Sacrificial Goat on 4/12/20 at 11:13 pm 4 2 In the wake of Jimmy's traumatic misadventure, Kim takes stock of what is important; Jimmy attempts to return to business as usual, but it's more difficult than anticipated; Gus and Mike set a … If Kim wasn’t in the game before, she certainly is now. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. IMDB ID: Movie hash: ... "Better Call Saul" Bad Choice Road subtitles English Season: 5 - Episode: 9. ET on AMC. 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Posted by 6 months ago. Dalton said that it took a couple of days to film the final attack scene, but in contrast to the final scene with Kim and Jimmy in "Bad Choice Road", the action scene was much easier and more fun to film. Instead, he lingers around and tries to sus out who ratted him out. They are informed that Gus has sent men to clean up the aftermath of the shootout, but Jimmy's car in the ravin… Video Extras from This Episode. Jimmy attempts to return to business as usual, but it's more difficult than anticipated. 30 comments. He’s spontaneity and meticulousness in one deceptively volatile vessel. The composure under duress that’s been his trademark is now visibly gone. best. We cannot just breeze right past what happened to Jimmy out in the desert. Even as dominoes start falling, they topple in a noticeably straight line. Still, if the goal is, like with Gus’ Madrigal diversion a few weeks ago, to show how “Better Call Saul” draws character strength from the people who treat their work less like a game and more like a collection of human consequences, then emphasis made. You can almost see her cycling through (and making peace with) all those worst-case hypotheticals as she’s waiting by her cell phone when Jimmy finally calls in the episode’s open. This angers her and makes her realize he made this choice rather than being forced into it like she previously suspected. Gus disagrees, asserting that it’s better to have a man on the inside. He is told to practice a script which will be his alibi for the reason why the pickup took 36 hours instead of a single afternoon. Movie rating: 9.8 / 10 (11254) Writer credits: Vince Gilligan - Peter Gould. It’s a testament to Rhea Seehorn that this outcome even seems viable in retrospect. This isn’t something a person can just easily move past and carry on like everything is normal, despite Jimmy’s best attempts. Being a friend of the cartel already has visibly changed Jimmy, and I’m not talking about the wicked sunburns. With all the tumult at Schweikart and Cokely in the preceding weeks and the constant guilt about ditching clients in need to serve corporate whims, Kim’s sudden decision to quit seems like a natural extension of the concerns she’s had for a while. Movie details. Better Call Saul S05E09 - "Bad Choice Road" - POST-Episode Discussion Thread. Even when the other guy is smushed up against the other side of the door, Jimmy’s once again forced to endure a situation that he can’t easily extricate himself from. It’s dotted with the graceful touches “Better Call Saul” seems to be overflowing with these days: the quizzical glance from the woman who sees the bail amount Jimmy is about to plop on her desk, the nonchalant way that Lalo informs Jimmy that he knows about Kim, the sight of Mike Ehrmantraut wearing a T-shirt that’s not a neutral color. Mike (Jonathan Banks) lays it out for Jimmy in a … Being stranded in the desert is a traumatic experience itself, but this also was Jimmy’s first brush with brutal cartel violence. The more reflective mood is appropriate. Still, it’s a wonderful scene. Post-Ep Discussion. Get The Latest IndieWire Alerts And Newsletters Delivered Directly To Your Inbox. Nacho sees a potential opening for a new start and to cut ties with his current employer. Gus and Mike set a plan in motion. Her insistence on “no judgments” is not only a reminder that Kim has no way of knowing the whole truth, she’s essentially promised to forgive him of whatever he’d done to survive the journey back home, even if that includes killing someone. A good chunk of it is in her eyes as she turns around to look at a petrified Jimmy. But it’s Kim — on a streak of recent strategic gambles that have ended up in her favor, from fudging municipal planning documents to standing up to Kevin Wachtell — that decides to put her life savings on 00 and let the roulette ball ride. In third place is the pilot of Breaking Bad at 58 minutes. Bad Choice Road In the wake of Jimmy's traumatic misadventure, Kim takes stock of what is important. What follows is impeccably braided sequence, with three threads woven together at a point when a blade threatens to slice each one of them to bits. Reception "Something Unforgivable" received universal acclaim by critics. We’ve seen Jimmy twist and rework the wisdom of others for his own purposes, but this is the verbal equivalent of running around with a flyswatter. He looks to Mike for a timetable. However, Better Call Saul Season 5’s penultimate episode “Bad Choice Road,” is perhaps one of the most introspective episodes of the season. We’ve become conditioned to expect fireworks in a penultimate episode, something that sets the stage for a momentous season finale. Now with Lalo seemingly on his way back to Mexico, Mike suggests that Nacho has served his purpose.

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