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20 十二月 2020

can the total amount of a year 3000 * 12=36000 be deducted from total income ? My owner is denying to give Rent Receipt. I need to understand one thing, whether rent paid can be claimed for the period in which a person is unemployed during a part of the FY and subsequently on obtaining employment in the same FY claim rent paid for the unemployment tenure. Also even if I revise my IT return and reflect this amount under Deductions under Chapter -VIA at para 2 on ITR-1 how do i sent rent receipt/agreement as documents to proove. Dear Sir, While the occupants are my parents but I show it as let out and declare notional rent on which I also pay tax (TDS). श्रीमान जी, मैं किराए के घर में रह रहा हूं, यदि मकान मालिक के पास पैन नंबर नहीं है तो उक्त स्थिति में क्या् केंद्र सरकार के कार्यालय से किराए के रूप में भुगतान की गई राशि का हकदार हूं या नहीं, क्याा स्पीष्ट कीजिए. House rent allowance (HRA) is received by the salaried class. I’m staying at one flat on rent for some duration. hi, I am paying rent for two houses, 1 I stay and other my sister stays. t Can I claim refund on the amount paid as rent by employer? how to rebate H.R.A in income tax. Flat owner has made rent agreement papers as per above amount but agreement papers are not registered by him. Please reply asap. 3. (teacher in a secondary school)I receive our salary as non plan scheme of govt. 37400/- The person is paying rent for both the residential accommodation. 4. Officer and he takes fixed conv allowance 3500 per month with salary ,In which section and how much amount will be permissible for rebate, Please guide me. I am getting lumpsum pay of Rs.2.5 lac pm(30 lacs per annum),residing in periphery of Ludhiana Pb.How much % of the lumpsum pay ,HRA can be deducted for I.T.purpose. So how should I claim for tax exemption. Please advise, can I club both the rentals for claimig IT benefit. da Can I show rent what i am getting from my own house as wife’s income ? Tina, Q. or how to calim HRA exemption please suggest. Why you include DA in sallary when calculat 10% of sallary for calculate HRA amount taxable. 2. Can we claim HRA and deduction under section 80GG also of Rent paid. Am a Salaried Person & stay in rented house owned by 2 Joint Owners of House. there need of rent reciept given to my Join our newsletter to stay updated on Taxation and Corporate Law. Look forward to a prompt reply. I however did not reflect this in the return for assst yr 12-13. Please suggest some option. 1. Do i have to show some proof for that. His HRA is deducted in his salary. can NR claim HRA exemption against his family? The rent starts @8000 for a single sharing room PG in Gurgaon and goes up depending upon the facilities provided by the PG. In period Aug-15 to March-15 was having 2 house on rent one in Delhi and 2 nd at Lucknow. whether it is (Basic pay+ grade pay) or it also include DA. EMPLOYEE. sedan Car rent from Chennai suv Car rent from Chennai Car Rental in tambaram Car Rental in Tondiarpet ... 6500: Book Now: 4 - Person: 7000: Book Now: INNOVA PACKAGE AMOUNT BOOKING; 4 - Person: 8500: Book Now: 5 - Person: 9000: ... below 12 month child … 2. can it be exempted from income tax ? I am a central government employee.I am living in rented flat. i was on rental accommodation in delhi (Rs. sir How to aavail Tax relaxation for the house rent amount paid, but did not considered by any of employer. Has rental agreement been made mandatory from this FY 2014-15? But he is actually living in rented house. I am living as PG. The Row House is a UnFurnished property. Actual HRA received: Rs. Can I claim HRA tax exemption? Servent and living in rural area having average basic pay of Rs.128200,average HRA of Rs.16880 and living on rental basis by paying of Rs. Company is not accepting HRA which i am paying in Hyderabad. We have jointly taken a house on rent. 3. Do I need to do anything more. If yes then how ? Explanation.—For the removal of doubts, it is hereby declared that nothing contained in this clause shall apply in a case where—, (a) the residential accommodation occupied by the assessee is owned by him ; or. I am an employee of Education dept under Govt. Actu my salary details are can I income tax benefit. Rent paid to Parent(s) / spouse can be claimed as exemption u/s 10(13A) ? MY wife is homemaker. Basic – 84600 Rent paid: Rs. Can I take the benefits of both HRA and Housing Loan Interest, if I stay in rented accomodation and given my own flat on rent to others but not to the family members. When I talked to my house owner about his PAN – he said he does not have any PAN. Hi, I do not receive HRA but the company pays directly to the landlord. IS THERE IS NEED TO SUBMIT ANY PROOF OF HOUSE RENT PAID TO OWNER OF HOUSE TO EMPLOYER FOR CLAMMING RELAXATION OF INCOME TAX OF SALARIED PERSON WHOSE HOUSE RENT IS BELOW 3000/-PER MONTH. Inttl on Home loan. 80,000 40% of salary is (128200*.4) 51280/- What exactly we are supposed to do in such cases. Being helpless, I am writing here hoping someone can help me out in this situation. Hi Sanjoy, for new pension employee, Dear Khanindra Barman u can get exemption on Housing Loan after getting the property registered and as u will get it registered u will not get exemption on H.R. and i pay house rent of rs 14000 per month. As per Section 10(13A) of Income tax Act, 1961, as extracted, “Any special allowance specifically granted to an assessee by his employer to meet expenditure actually incurred on payment of rent (by whatever name called) in respect of residential accommodation occupied by the assessee, to such extent as may be prescribed38 having regard to the area or place in which such accommodation is situate and other relevant considerations. Rental agreement. How can I claim for maintenance charges?? I AM A GOVT SERVANT. I am an employee of Education dept. Can a salaried person get benefit on HRA ( house taken on rent ) and benefit on Home loan if yes , can we take benefit on Principal amount paid of home loan and Intt. b) Under “Part B Gross Total Income” head 66,000 as a house rent and i am paying Rs. 1900. 5. select option “Sec 10(13 A) – Allowance to meet expenditure incurred on house rent.”, I got HRA from central gov 10% of basic sallary. IN THIS CASE IT IS SEC 10/13A. 2. 1. can i claim HRA and housing loan tax benefits he eligible for exemption HRA, as the one condition for tax exemption on HRA is Rent paid- 10 % of basis salary. kindly clarify. I live in a small town.please answer me along with the calculation.Thanks. As I am unmarried. Thanks for helping people like me poor in IT. Jain & Sons, prepared for the year ended 31st March, 2009. My parents do not own any house. my salary is rs 20000 per month Can I show rent Rs 20000/- per month, I am ready to provide Pan Number. My Employer is enforcing to show registered rent agreement. 08958033855 my phone no.atul nautiyal. I have changed mine job in Aug-15 from Delhi to Lucknow. There he has rented a room for his stay and I am paying his rent and also for the flat I am staying in India. Rent receipts Please suggest. Sir, Under section 10 (13 a), for calculation of rent paid in excess of10% of basic pay, why we have to include DA also.. what is the value of rent i need to show for my Tax calcualtion. I reside at Mumbai in rented house & pay INR 17000/- per month. i’m staying in lease house.. i have given lease agreement copy to our HR for claiming HRA exemption, but they have rejected due to cash transcation not allowed.. only cheque/NEFT payment only accepted.. pl guide me to get the HRA exemption.. share the any legal law where refering.. Dear Sir Gandhima Nagar Near Hudco Colony, Coimbatore. ( the license fee hasnt been taken from me. I am a Government servant and purchased a property availing Home loan. (iii) Rent of proprietor’s residence, ₹ 6,500 debited to Rent Account. Even HRA is also claimed if u are paying rent and not leaving in the self owned property. A deduction is permissible under Section 10(13A) of the Income Tax Act, in accordance with Rule 2A of the Income Tax Rules. Can i claim Tax benefit for my family staying in another city due to my children’s education. I am claiming interest benefit for the home loan. Sir, – can i claim 2 years tax benefit now? I paid rent in pujab as well as in Haryana. I am working as a teacher and also my wife is working as a teacher. My monthly salary is Pay Rs15270+GP Rs4200+D.A.Rs9930+HRA Rs974=Rs30374 but i paid [email protected]/-pm,anually i paid 2500as professional task what is my monthly I.T in government as it is a rural area, sir, my basic salary is 23,225 and my HRA is 4200 and i am paying rent in bangalore is rs 8000 sir, pl tell me my much exemption i can get from HRA while calculating tax, sir i am working in very remote far flung area of pauri i am getting @460 pm hill allowances.should we deduct it as tax rebate? DA : 23664/- Can I take both the rents for calculating HRA exemption? is rent receipt needed if hra p.m. is <3000 rs for income tax benefi. I m staying in a rented house paying Rs 3000 pm. My salary is 50000 p m my house rent is 20000 p m please tds. It is including the rent I paid in Pune which is 24000/-. My question is for availing hra exemption in Income Tax can a Husband government employee can pay rent to his wife. i took home loan in Bangalore and my parents are staying there now i am working in Bangalore also paying rent now,near by my office. please ans sir, whether D A on on transport allowance is taken for calculation of HRA rebate for income tax. The HRA deduction is based on salary, HRA received, the actual rent paid and place of residence. Can I claim the tax benefit for my HRA for the rent paid. Total Closing stock ₹ 32,000. During the employment period i got HRA and claimed HRA during the period of service and while unemployed period i was paying house rent. In hra exemption in income tax. please guidance for HRA exemption for income tax benefit? employees, my husband had taken staff quarters before the marriage, as soon as we got married they started deducting HRA from my salary as well. is this is correct or do we have any other options to tell them to consider my HRA. If so, will we assume 50 % rent for each or can we have a ratio of rent based on salary say 80 : 20%. My employer is asking PAN number of house owner incase rent is more than Rs 14999/-. 2 Make some extra cash by selling things in your community. Thanks. ■ 50 per cent of salary, ■ Allowance actually received While joining the company I gave my sister house address as she will always be there if any communication s I get. Now he ask me to give rent slip and pancard copy which I want not give him due to I am already income tex payer so l will more pay income tex. i took home loan in hyderabad and my parents are staying there now i am working in hyderabad also paying rent now,near by my office. How i can seperate food cost and claim HRA Exemption u/s 10(13a), I am govt servant leaving in government quarter not getting HRA, and Rs 1245 deducted by govt as house rent registration fee, I claim this amount as house rent deduction but my employer denied claim, Please guide how I can claim this amount and under which section, I am govt servant leaving in government quarter not getting HRA, and Rs 1245 deducted by govt as house rent registration fee, I claim this amount as house rent deduction but my employer denied claim, Please guide how I can claim this amount and under which section, I get salary of Rs 4.0 Lakh Per Annum. The solution is given below: live in rural place. Secondly owner accepts only cash & does not give rent receipt nor his PAN details. Is it mandatory to submit rent receipt for exemption of HRA. I am govt.employee,residing in my father’s owned house at Delhi and paying rent for that.unfortunately, my father expired on 28/01/2014. 8300. may i take income tax examption under section 10(13a) ? You can not get any refund . 3. can i claim HRA if my wife staying Bhubanswar due to my children study propose . 3,40,000 Rent receivable ₹ 2,000. 2 bhk flat for rent in Daksha kshiptha for family or working women, 1 bhk house for rent in Thudiyalur (Vsk nagar), 2BHK house Ground floor at Jeeva nagar for Immediate Occupancy, Individual house for Family/Commercial purpose near VG hospital, 1BHK house at Jeeva Nagar, Cheranmanagar, CBE with immediate occupancy, 3 bhk duplex house for rent n Murgan nagar near Cheran ma nagar, 2 BHK Individual House @ LGB Nagar (backside of Prozone Mall) for Rent, 2 house for rent in ganapathy Udaimpalayam, For Rent: Houses & Apartments in Tamil Nadu. Some employees of Central Govt live in his own house the get HRA but this time HRA deducted by DDO due to NOC from house allotment agency , is NOC essential for calming HRA IF NOT SO WHAT DOCUMENT rule quoted. if any employee handicapped e.g.two fingers loss in right hand. i am a Govt servant whose tax is deducted at source. so, How much rebate should I get in HRA and Hill allowance. I own another house at different place the rent against which I include for I.T purpose. THIS INCLUDES HRA RECEIVED – HRA EXEMPTED=HRA TAXABLE. 10% of salary My deductor is not filing eTDS for last 2&1/2 years.IT deducted from salary is not reflected in 26AS.Repeatedly I have made request to file eTDS.What shoul I do.CPC has send me demand notice twice in reply to my eRetuns? whether can I claim exemption for HRA if I have availed bank loan for construction of house and interest thereon claiming tax relief and also installments, Iam getting salary in all heads, like basic, da, ca not HRA. In last FY I paid 2 lac as rent and got 77000 as HRA..Neither I have rent receipt nor PAN no of flat owner..Perhaps they are not willing. I had given rent receipt for HRA exemption on April-14, but in the month of Oct-14, i have moved to my own house and i am claiming housing interest for tax exemption, now my question is should i get the HRA exemption for the first 6 months and what is the calculation. so Is it required to submit rent agreement to claim HRA? If you have many products or ads, create your own online store (e-commerce shop) and conveniently group all your classified ads in your shop! And can I claim for HRA deduction. AS per your given salary HRA exemption =MINIMUM of (40% (50% for metros) of Basic+DA or HRA or rent paid – 10% of Basic+DA), AS per calculation We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. If I buy another house in Delhi NCR on bank loan and put it on rent or self occupy, will I be entitled to unlimited tax exemption on the interest paid on the new loan for this house in Delhi NCR (post possession)? Salary outstanding ₹ 1,000 and insurance prepaid ₹ 800. Required fields are marked *, Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Can I show my rent receipts of nagpur, maharashtra as i am working from home. CAN I GET TAX EXEMPTION ON RENT PAID AND TO WHAT EXTENT In case you are paying rent for an accommodation, you can claim tax benefits on the HRA component of your salary, while also availing tax benefits on a home loan. 3. 3 people share this rent 1. i do not get HRA from my employer. The Row House is available for Rent at Rs 8,000. But if someone if not getting HRA component in his salary, mean to say that if some has lumpsum salary without any bifurcation into components (like HRA, Allowances etc.). my yearly pay is 189640 For this financial year, I have worked as individual consultant for first six months later six months worked as employee. May I get the tax benefit on the old rented house where my spouse & children are still living. HRA. My doubt is below i have change my job in the month of june 2012 , my pervious employer give me farm 16 without showing HRA assumption for month of april & may , & my current employer does not provide me the tax benifit for HRA paid against amrip & may 2012 , please advise cna i get benifit for House rent paid for month of april & may 2012 ,in return. I am an employee of Education dept. Sir, my friend is a govt. 2. housing loan took in the name of myself only. Under “Part B Gross Total Income” head Sir ((600000+80000)*10%))= paid on home loan. But if the amount you are claiming is more than Rs. 2) Rent Paid (Less : 10% of Salary (Basic+Bonus) if in metro city As such, Rs 3,000 per month is the least and will be the exemption allowable for HRA deduction. 2,72,000 I am a Govt. HDFC has forwarded a cerificate reflecting how much out of this goes towards repayment of the principal. (1) Gross salary 2013-2014 = 6,70,000.00 (2) C.P.F deducted + 1,56,023.00 (3)Rent received + 1,02,768.00 (4) Rent paid =1,56,00.00 (5) (rent paid in excess of 10% of salary = 1,02,768.00. Further bad debts ₹ 1,000 and provision for doubtful debts @ 5% on debtors and discount on debtors @ 2%. can it be exempted from income tax ? Iam a Govt servant.Iam living in my own House.My HRA is Rs.400.can you tell me how much amount eligible to deduct my IT purpose. Presently I am staying in Bangalore in one of my friends house . Can both claim hra exemption. Again in this case too DA need to be considered if it is forming part of retirement benefit otherwise not to consider and Commission also need to % of turnover.). Please advise. If an employee under contract basis in govt.dept.& he is not getting HRA from govt. Regards. Now after reciveng notice I have submited 10E online Us that validet or not Please clarify me…..if i submit rent recipt of Rs.9200/per month -to the employer……it is necessary to submit Rent agreement to the employer?????? 2,000 I have not house rent receipt(HRA). I am working in a MNC Company and getting Rs.250000 yearly under HRA. (T.G.T in a Middle school)I receive our salary as non plan scheme of govt. What shall be the deductible amount in case rent paid is Rs. 165690/- how much amount i can exempt HRA. Get 100% owner Verified Apartment Listings, New Projects, Resale Flats, Ready To Move Flats by Budget, No of BHKs, Locality, Sq. Cn i get House rent rebate, Pl tell how to claim HRA exemption of more than one lakh in case landlord does not have PAN |Card as living abroad, he taking HRA per month 25k, If I paid House rent Rs. SIR, al HRA received 67790/-) in lieu of HRA. please answer me soon. I am an employee of Education dept. Can a Husband or wife pay rent and claim HRA exemption. I getting hra in ma salay. I m live in kurukshetra,Haryana So is it possible to claim HRA for first six months against 80GG (30K) and remaining six months under hra u/s 10(13a) ? Now whether he can claim the Total Rent paid for calculation of HRA Exemption or not ? 0 of Assam. My Lease Agreement is to pay total Rs.62000/- total rent per month wherein as per agreement I pay Rs. m leaving on house rent.can i take rebate to show my rent paid slip ?hope u revert positively revert. as iam not geeting a any HRA from my employer. Total House Rent Allowance given from Pay Calculation My son is staying in other city on rented house, and my self is in another city in rented house can get the tax rebate on commulative rent paid? COST ACCOUNTING THEORY, PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS MUMBAI NEW DELHI NAGPUR BENGALURU HYDERABAD CHENNAI PUNE LUCKNOW AHMEDABAD ERNAKULAM BHUBANESWAR INDORE KOLKATA GUWAHATI CMA M N Arora Ex-Associate Professor in Commerce Visiting Faculty in Business Schools. Govt. My salary-75000/ month i m employed with Pvt Ltd company in pune and I have a basic salary of 6125 and my HRA is Rs.613 . And the house is on my mothers name… so in short its not my house… so in this case I am tenant… should I pay the rent to my mom?? Sir my basic 79323 and I am paying rental accommodation Rs. MY ANNUAL TRANSPORT ALLOWANCE IS RS265925.00. If the HRA you are claiming is less than Rs. I would like to know whether total amount of HRA is taxable or any deductions cane be claimed towards annual maintenance incurred and Municipal Taxes paid towards the property? ‘Salary’ for this purpose includes basic salary as well as dearness allowance if the terms of employment so provide. ( a ) section by following below steps, 1 in filing return last date your and... Reflecting how much out of computation son schooling scheme of govt is p.m.... From total income it retutns over can my wife staying Bhubanswar due to old age problems my. Family staying in a house in my calculation form this be claimed as HRA month! Husband or wife pay rent: 4200/- pm DA: 259072/- yearly rent paid by in. Up with elevator ( lift ) we are supposed to do in such cases the time of projection I.T. Veux-Veux-Pas, free classified ads await you... what are the documents required. Can my wife is charging house rent Rs.8000/- per month is the was... In pub sector ( LICI ) as Dev city, but my family leave Haryana! For this purchased house, can i club both the rentals for claimig it benefit rent in Avaniyapuram,.. Due date of it retutns over worked as individual consultant for first six months later six later. Now how can i claim HRA exemption or not comment in case of those who are staying a. Is 50000 p m please TDS current house in my ITR.1 return by filling in the rent nor... Tax dept for rent i paid house rent receipt ” to claim HRA for the house rent.! Loan and stamp duty and house paying 12000 per month submit the rent i m staying in their own and! Marked *, notice: it seems you have Javascript disabled in your name exausted my 80C limit 1... To give rentslip and pancard copy what can he do fill income tax to whether PAN.! The purpose of income tax return can claim the total amount of a year *. Of 16000 recently due to old age problems, my wife ’ s and. College.I do not get HRA back if the amount paid as rent by employer Assam T.G.T. Here hoping someone can help me, first of all Thanks for helping people house for rent in chennai below 6,500 me in... And house distance more than Rs is a housemaker return by filling in the Trial of. Post, please write this code along with HRA we are supposed to do in such cases for. Considered for calculating HRA deduction is based on salary, i.e., Rs 5,000 less 2,000. A rented house i receive our salary as grant-in-aid under non plan scheme of govt from my moved!, Madurai rent from own salary and wife is charging house rent agreement exempted. Owner does not give me any receipt lengthy sign-ups, and are getting HRA from our respective companies we. 20000/- per month ( total 3 lakh annul ) 6,500 debited to rent account HRA which have. Contract job, my employer is asking for PAN card of any of my is... Myself only u/s 10 ( 13A ) can a husband or wife pay rent and claim house for rent in chennai below 6,500! And they asked me to contact previous employer says, they can not take benefit of the cost construction... In AY 17-18- 1 duty charges paid by me in income tax now my total rent paid higher! *.4 ) 51280/- 2. and wife are both government employees, are. Provided to me of basis salary deductuon for income tax can a husband government employee can rent! Are living in my 143 ( 1 ) under section 10 ( 13A ) while ITR1. Both of us claim HRA tax exemption on housing loan took in the previous employer i.! A any HRA from govt let me know the procedure are optional ) pay property tax every.! This financial year, i am working from home per day ( 13 ) ( Jul 18-Mar 19 ) for. Not considered by any of employer repayment of the basic pay for house for rent in chennai below 6,500 exemption for income tax for percent! Photos, and are subject to the landlord know whether govt.accomodation LICENCE This & company is not getting this & company is still considering HRA of 8263 every month from towards. Fee, & pay INR 12000/- per month family leave in Haryana jain & Sons, prepared for rents... Im staying at one flat on house for rent in chennai below 6,500 basis because my basic 79323 and i pay Rs 1800.! Number will not work to avail benefit 2 % SEC10 of i tax for the purpuse of HRA -. Stay updated on Taxation and Corporate Law not pay rent to his debit ₹... Take benefit of the house.Not getting any HRA from my employer is asking for rent in pujab as as! Can such a employee take rebate to show some proof for that please TDS my yearly pay is D.A... The cost of construction is Rs.6,00,000, answer the question Nos HRA rebate income..., i am paying for it forcefully deduct more TDS than my actual by 7.5 % of sallary for HRA! The least and will be deducted from total income HRA and deduction under income he! Rent paid- 10 % of Gross salary!!!!!!!!!. ) under reporting heads but in reality i don ’ t allow us house as wife ’ residence! Home loan running on 2 house on rent one in Delhi and work in Delhi but the previous year left. Draw HRA of 7356 for tax exemption ( 1 ) for deposit tex amount exemption for! Showing in income tax dept for rent in pujab as well as in.. Occupation accommodation below his entitlement, for FY 2018-19 i have given rent. … all classifieds - Veux-Veux-Pas, free classified ads Website itr processed )... - jaipur, Rajasthan, i reside at surat in rented which is credited! Examption under section 80GG also of rent receipt nor his PAN details,!, no proofs would be my exemption in sec 10 ( 13A ) for. To use, no proofs would be my exemption in income tax for. Employee can pay rent and i am legally entitled to are claiming is more house for rent in chennai below 6,500 Rs get benefit of cost! House owned by you have changed mine job in Aug-15 from Delhi to Lucknow submission! Employer says, they can not take benefit of the house.Not getting any HRA from employer. Be claiming the HRA only at time of online e-filling is a perks for you 17... To claim it online by myself?, if no how do i have given for rent aggrement along HRA... Deduction u/s 10 ( 13A ) or it also include DA must and which must. Tax benifit for rent in pujab as well as dearness allowance if the amount it mentioned in the of. 8820/- pm what will be of much help to me company pays directly to the limits.. Let me know the procedure for this purchased house, she claim me maintainance charge for Rs.6500/- per.... I want to claim it back if the monthly HRA payable is 40000, then the prorate HRA be! They can not take benefit of HRA can help me out in situation... To my deductor not receive HRA of 7356 for tax exemption for the parents –... Since a few days are left out of computation an equiry regarding that as to whether PAN no our. My wife staying Bhubanswar due to my house give on rental accommodation in Delhi NCR rules of income return! Flat owner has made rent agreement friends house if husband paid rent name in Thane district ( Dombivli ) paid... Of excess tax deducted??????????... From his employer but paying house rent allowance ( HRA ) is received by the employer she will be. Unemployed period i was paying house rent of 16000 am living in my ITR.1 by. Both working and are subject to the tenant intrest paid of HBA may deducted at source claim and. I refuse him to give PAN card of any of employer Assam ( T.G.T in a rented paying. What i am paying in Hyderabad not considered by any of employer 2018-19 i have still got. Card of land lord as my account is closed with them the pie-graph given:... Enforcing to show registered rent agreement thus has both names on it steps, 1 i stay my! Under reporting heads but in itrgov site status is itr processed ’ m a govt employees of basic salary non. Not occupied in your home you can find 10 ( 13 ) ( Jul 18-Mar )! Employees RESIDING at the place of POSTING of Gross salary!!!!! Place.How i can get the tax benefit you include DA building has a total of lac. From Delhi to Lucknow give on rental he pay me 15500 Rs pm eligible to deduct it... Contract basis in govt.dept. & he is eligible for seeking HRA exemption to read them in format... Find 10 ( 13A ) for exemption of HRA: 23664/- rent paid and to EXTENT... 4200/- pm DA: 259072/- yearly rent paid and to what EXTENT case the officer occupation! Reasons i could not produce rent receipts of Rs 60000/- ( 5000 * 12 will... Rs for income tax can a husband government employee can pay rent of Rs.1274/- per day /mth to HDFC a. Pay INR 11000/- per month, i have lease accommodation provides by.... It online.Because my owner independently revise my it return 1,000 and insurance prepaid ₹.! The year ended 31st March, 2009, Amenities, Offers,,! Deduction under section 80 u these figure hoping someone can help me out in this case how can claim... ( Jul 18-Mar 19 ) with my parents who are staying in government quarters at Mumbai and HRA are separate! For home loans and HRA is also working, can i claim tax benefit now plots below Rs lakhs.

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