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20 十二月 2020

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Already tagged. She only left my sight for a short time and already she’s off causing trouble. Updated about 4 years ago. We are both capable of seeing in the dark, so we were able to clearly make out the two demons who came in. But worry not. ?”, “Ah, aaah… Aaah… Top grade manatite that are each worth more than a house are disappearing right in front of me… One… Two…”. The intruders are still wandering around somewhere on the first.”. Konosuba Volumen 17 Capítulo 4. Darkness and I let out a voice that is both equal parts surprised and impressed. … Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Aqua immediately stopped crying, so it must have worked…, “It-It healed… Kazuma, Kazuma, you used Heal…! The last light novel volume 17 sold around 95,000 copies. A Blessing for These Adventurers (この冒険者たちに祝福を, Kono Bōkenshatachi ni Shukufuku wo) is the seventeenth and final volume in the Konosuba light novel series. Traducción JAP-ING: CannonGerbil, Striker, … The cloaked angel once again became a naked angel. save. 786 votes, 206 comments. I know the woman is a bad match for you, but you should have no problems taking care of the guy, right?”, “I-I can’t do that! “I don’t know what you are trying to do, but the moment you unleash your spell, I’ll pierce your stomach. LN Illustrations (Volumes 1-10) Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo LN Illustrations (Volumes 1-3) Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo LN Illustrations (Volumes 1 ) Already tagged. I used Create Water to drench my handkerchief before wiping her face. KonoSuba! What do you mean by ‘that’!? Behold this wondrous sight! Volumen 8. “All we have to do is wait for the insane Crimson Demon to run out of mana! Kazuma: "Wahahahahahaha! “Megumin! S-S-S-Stop! The first light novel volume cover featuring Kazuma Satō (left) and Aqua (right). Y, al sentir las ondas de choque, el ejército de demonios entra en pánico y comienza a mandar varias tropas para detener las explosiones, pero todo fue en vano, ya que Megumin los hizo explotar en cuestión de segundos. A magic circle lies directly in front of the piece of paper, and next to it is a button. Konosuba Volume 17 Cover. Even if it used up a lot of top grade manatite, if any of the nobles or His Majesty were to witness this, they would definitely designate Megumin as the most dangerous person in the world…! The others will definitely be here soon, so all we need to do is to buy time… Is there any place to hide…? So he must have placed an enchantment on the armour to protect against teleportation. “K-Kazuma-san really knows a lot of skills! I felt far more fulfilled when I drained mana from a beautiful female mage!”, “You drained mana from a beautiful female mage…!? Kazuma-san, you’re so cool! Explosion! “Aaaaah, what should we do!? Discussion. share. And, coming from behind them, a voice said, “No, there’s definitely something in that room. With the aid of the buff that Aqua casted on me, I imitated Payne’s to instigate Noss, who slashed Logia right across the back. Underlings of the Demon King are coming this way, hurry up and hide!”. 204k members in the Konosuba community. Konosuba Volumen 17 Capítulo 2 Parte 3 Novela Ligera en Español Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Would anybody happen to know how long it will take for volume 17 to be translated into English? “You are the one who told me to blind them in the first place, so why did you get blinded too! Volumen 16 Volumen 17 Créditos a los respectivos traductores de los Volúmenes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 y 11. Even if a Dragon shows up, I won’t give an inch. We are still quite some distance from each other, certainly too far to have a conversation. 2 2. comments. This is the main reason why they are bittersweet about the open manner in which the series concluded. “Ouch! Dealing with such people is my specialty! Explosion! “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. This isn’t good. The mages around him raised a ragged cheer. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! May 1, 2020 There are times when I feel like fighting properly, you know!?”. hide. It’s fine, I can still carry on. I was so elated after discovering a secret passage that I forgot to call those guys over first before pushing it. Right in a dead end was pasted a piece of paper labeled “Do not push.”. ?”, “I’m thinking that there’s no meaning in draining mana from a ghost! “What, no, Kazuma, you’re just an ordinary human that wouldn’t seem out of place anywhere in the world. Darkness and I raised a yelp of surprise, but of course, it’s already too late to stop the ball of magic that went hurtling from Megumin’s staff straight towards the robed man. I saw through that trap! There’s definitely someone here!”, “Over there! Despite being in the Demon King’s army, he had a certain holy aura about him, almost like he himself was a divine presence…, “A bigshot showed up. They zealously charged up, but were just as easily swept aside by Megumin’s spells. Most of them were clad head to toe in pitch-black plate armour, quite an imposing sight. She’s used up quite the number of them during her barrage earlier, so the weight of the rucksack is actually quite manageable, but all the same, the sight of her carrying a large rucksack while wobbling on her feet can’t help but make me worry…. Let’s tear these two jokers to shreds!”, “I can feel my body growing fainter just by being near this woman!”. Did he really put it like that! I certainly liked Volume 17, even if the ending isn’t quite as definitive as I would’ve liked. ... also known as Konosuba! There is a chance that the knight would be waiting there to kill me the moment I teleported to the dungeon, so I chose not to take that risk. Explosion! The role of a female knight is to be captured by the Demon King, but we came here to take him down… Do I fulfil my role as a female knight or defeat the Demon King…”, “Why do you think we came here? The ending of the Konosuba novel series has officially been confirmed to be coming up in 2020. This thread is archived. Part 1. Megumin unleashed her spell before the guy could finish. Konosuba Volumen 17 Capítulo 1 Parte 1 Novela Ligera en Español Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! You sure are full of yourself! 16 comments. She’s really dangerous! [Spoilers] Volume 17 (Final) Summary!!!!! I looked back, and Aqua was pointing at her eyes. Join this unique party as they explode into their finale! Eat this, Flash!”. Explosion! And look at Megumin! If I went through the same thing, I’d be crying too. Explosion!!!”. As expected of the strongest mage in the world. More Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! or Konosuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!) Respuestas. This isn’t just from excitement, is it! Wahahaha! He has an unlimited supply of mana, so he can’t be bothered to deal with crazy mages. I thought you were a fool for a while now, but I can’t believe you would drag us down like this at a time like this…!”, “P-P-P-Payne!? Like, super unfair.”, “That sounds really childish coming from someone said to be the strongest mage in the world… Though, it’s true that I’ve never heard of someone taking on the Demon King in such a manner…”. Su primera publicación fue el 28 de septiembre de 2013 y hasta mayo de 2017, cuenta con doce volúmenes. Are you finally going to shoot a beam!?”. Chapter 5: A Farewell To This Beginner's Town! 2 agosto, 2020 15 agosto, 2020 AxeleratorTLN 11 comentarios ¡Gloria para este aventurero! Traducción ING-ESP: Axelerator. Konosuba Volume 17: Chapter 4. This time, Megumin properly began chanting her spell instead of truncating it like she did before. Dihimpun dari Crunchyroll Kazuma Satou es un chico de preparatoria otaku y hikikomori que no suele salir de casa, pero cuando lo hace, un fatídico (y ridículo) accidente acaba con su vida. Now I understand why Wiz isn’t fond of draining mana from monsters. Volume 17. I extended my hand over to the bump on Aqua’s head and casted Heal. I don’t think it was this bad even back when the mobile fortress Destroyer attacked us. Hope you guys enjoy! I readied my sword, but to be honest, I’m not sure if any of my attacks would be able to make it past his plating. If you keep raising a fuss some of his underlings might come to investigate!”, “But, but…! ( Log Out /  Chapter 3: A Goddess's Protection Upon This Puppet! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. It's over. ──A man wearing a pure white mask walked out through the gates. “I’ll take care of it! April 10, 2020 "Apa, ingin melakukannya? This is a trap that even I fell for. Already tagged. report. ... SENTOUIN VOLUME 5. Explosion! Hey, don’t you have any desire at all to protect this frail and beautiful goddess!?”. The enemy outranges us, so we will focus on maintaining the barrier! 2 2. comments. If we don’t get away quickly, that vicious Crimson Demon will destroy us all along with the castle!”, “Why did such a last boss-like creature suddenly attack us!? Volumen 6. “I’m sorry… I couldn’t protect Aqua-sama after saying all that to you… Dammit, what Magic Sword Hero am I? A Blessing for These Adventurers You and I will take care of this beansprout-looking man! ?”, “Crap, I can’t believe I made such a mistake. When I took my eyes off her for just an instant…”. “What are you… Hyaaaaa!? Heheh, Teleport, huh!? We pick up right where the last volume left off. 2017 Japanese light novel series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! There’s no need for her to worry. As revealed via the official Twitter account, Natsume Akatsuki’s series is set to end with the next installment—volume 17—which is scheduled to hit shelves in Japan on May 1.. And at the home base of that organization that has spread terror amongst much of humanity, which is protected by a powerful, impenetrable barrier──, “Wahahahaha! “Ahhh, I cut down Logia!? Already tagged. 3. Published by goldenagato. The other one was a two meter tall ogre with reddish skin and a pair of horns growing from his head. They can truly be called the natural enemy of mankind. Aqua and I both found a pot large enough to hide a person, and both of us put our hands on it at the same instant. Peeling away from everyone, I moved towards the places where Aqua seemed likely to be. Also the anime where everyone is useless goddess. Don’t worry about it, Kazuma! ──Just then, Megumin sent a spell his way without hesitation. I’m sure they were trying to repair the barrier, but looking at them with my Farsight, every single one of them had looks of teary-eyed desperation. As time passed, the stream of black knights was reduced to a trickle, before being replaced by a wave of large, ogre-like creatures that zealously charged up the hill. Megumin, her face one of unbridled glee, has been continuously bombarding the enemy with Explosion Magic. A look at the Anime & Light Novel Volume 17 Finale, also talk about KonoSuba, and the chances for a season 3! Wasn’t I cool?”, “You really need to learn how to read the mood one of these days…”, Aqua, fishing for praise, jumped all around me, but now is not the time for that…. August 30, 2020 LIGHT NOVELS. 786. It worked perfectly well on the ogre and the knight, but…, “Hah! August 1, 2020 cannongerbil 74 Comments. This spell would blind me too, but I’m not the kind of man who makes the same mistake twice. Just catching sight of one of them would normally cause us to turn tail and flee, and now there’s an entire army of them rushing towards us. As I took up a battle stance, the Demon King’s underlings did the same. Labyrinth of Hope and the Gathering Adventurers, https://konosuba.fandom.com/wiki/Konosuba_Light_Novel_Volume_17?oldid=31911, Chapter 1: Explosive Flames for this Wizard. How could you use your friend as a shield!? I’ve awakened to my true power in the short time we’ve been apart! Just being close to Aqua is causing his body to grow fainter, so touching her directly is bound to hurt. The Demon King is still a King, after all. This man really did have a trump card up his sleeve! I was hoping to conserve my mana, but in this situation I have no choice but to use my trump card!”. He thinks that Aqua is the only weapon I have capable of hurting him right now, but I have a magic sword too! Alongside them were also creatures wearing loose and flowing dark robes, probably spellcasters, and winged, Gargoyle-like monsters. Though, I’m a little relieved.”, “Oh shut up! Las traducciones del volumen 12 al 17 fueron realizadas por mí (Axelerator) Considera apoyarme en Patreon para poder seguir traduciendo. Traducción del volumen 17 en camino Att el tío CHILAN. She’s really dangerous! We are in the Demon King’s castle! If he fails to resist the spell, he might end up instantly losing depending on where he was sent. Volume 16 We have the range advantage, and there’s no reason for us to play along with him.”. She was with us until just a short moment ago. is the seventeenth and final volume in the KonoSuba light novel series. Volumen 4. Her eyes are already shining brighter than ever…!”. Aqua and I scrambled to find a place in the dimly lit room to hide. Jul 22, 2020 - Anime News And Facts brings you latest updates from your favorite anime, manga and Webtoon's and their Release date along with juicy facts about your favorite series. We finally managed to meet up with them, but the most crucial person is nowhere to be seen. Juanlamesa 28 de julio de 2020, 11:07. “W-We managed to sneak into the castle thanks to Aqua-san… While we were exploring the castle with the help of the light-refracting spell, the castle was suddenly hit by a mysterious barrage… Aqua-san said that the Demon King must have sensed that his natural enemy, a goddess, has entered his castle and plans to collapse the entire structure to bury us alive, so we rushed to the entrance…”. Battles will mostly be dominated by attacks from extreme ranges, and people would develop all sorts of technologies to either increase their own ranges, or reduce the enemy’s fire effectiveness. Cerita dari Konosuba berpusat dari karakter Kazuma, seorang pelajar yang mati karena kecelakaan lalu lintas yang kemudian bertemu dengan dewi Aqua setelah kematiannya. A semi-transparent, membrane-like material appeared around him as he approached. I want to hear some other people's takes on it as some other perspectives might give me more to think about. Using Drain Touch, I siphoned back the mana that Payne was draining from me. Now I’ve finally gotten some revenge! And Logia just so happens to have his back turned to Noss, who had his sword raised in front of him. We’ll settle which one of us is the strongest after I bring it down!”. Seeing our current state, the wraith let out a victorious crow. It tells the tales of Dust's exploit during his party member exchange between Kazuma. You’re not content with just demoting me to the goddess of toilets, now you’ve stolen the only thing I’m good at, too! Konosuba Novela Ligera Volumen 1 . Don’t these guys seem… Kinda weak?”, “Yeah, doesn’t seem like we’ll have much trouble dealing with them. Is she out of her mind! Right now, my chant has been concluded, and I can unleash the spell at any time. Since physical attacks don’t work on me, you have no chance of victory! …Suddenly, Noss slashed at me without any prior movement at all. “Hey, Aqua, this guy is acting like a protagonist seeking revenge for his fallen friends despite being the guy who cut them down in the first place.”, “As expected of a knight of the Demon King’s army, he truly is vile to the core.”, “Y-You were the one who set me up to cut down my friends! What should we do!? Noss, who regained his eyesight just like Aqua did, approached us, his heavy armour clanging. Konosuba Volumen 17 Capítulo 1 Parte 2 Novela Ligera en Español Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! How should I play around with him! The demon army falls into a panic and begins to send out troops to try and stop the explosion onslaught, but all get Exploded before they even get close. I’m sure they’re normally pretty strong enemies, but to us right now they might as well be kobolds!”. Volume 16 of Konosuba got released on August 1, 2019, and sold approximately 100,000 copies. “Wouldn’t the police officers cry if you sent someone like that over to them?”, “When you are in trouble, you should rely on the power of the state. Konosuba Volume 17: Splash pages. Ilustraciones actualizadas del ultimo volumen de Konosuba. …Actually, I’m surprised you were safe. ... how is that any different from having a volume 18? This feels great! She has never cast any other spell in her life. We found ourselves standing in front of a pair of lavishly decorated double doors that wouldn’t seem out of place as a door leading to the final boss room in a video game. Previous Post Konosuba Volume 17: Splash pages Next Post Konosuba Volume 17: Chapter 2. Explosion! The Demon King’s room is most definitely on the top floor! I’m a little concerned about how Aqua is holding on to my back. Continuando con los eventos del último volumen, Megumin comienza a lanzar rápidamente varias explosiones hacia el castillo del Rey Demonio. Wahahaha! Payne, if you have to, go ahead and hide behind us!”, “What are you talking about? What should I do with this wraith? Noss obeyed and instantly became stock still. This is the current situation. However, take a moment to read Is the Konosuba anime a close adaptation of the light novel? Konosuba has spanned 17 light novels, and with every word, fans have become more and more invested in the character’s lives. So this must be a camouflage for something else. “Did you hear that!? More importantly, we should go look for that idiot.”. -Para descargar los volúmenes clickea en las imágenes y serás redirigido a MEGA. The mages who were repairing the barrier stopped their work and dashed out to drag the angel back behind it. This isn’t good. We are here to discuss all of it. If only you weren’t a wraith, we could’ve shared a few drinks together…! Show of the Weekend: Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on Switch and Luke's Brain-Age Challenge - Duration: 35:47. Waaah! Seems like she wasn’t worried about me at all. Volumen 14. The crimson eyed “Demon King” bearing a large manatite-filled rucksack over her shoulder averted her gaze. Seeing that he managed to tank a shot from Megumin, there’s no doubt that he is the gatekeeper, the very same one rumoured to be the strongest mage in the world. It's over. Well, I suppose even demons don’t like living amidst filth and darkness. July 15, 2020 cannongerbil 49 Comments. Even after humanity received amazing powers from the gods, they were still unable to stand up to them. 199k. That was said by that man…! You two have been making fun of me for some time now! Are we doing this?”, “Seriously!? Thinking about it, the Demon King’s army has caused me quite a bit of trouble in the past! Read KonoSuba Manga : God's Blessing on this Wonderful World / kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo Manga Online in High Quality …A sudden attack…!”. Using a companion as a meatshield is really unbecoming of a goddess, or even as a regular human being. But Aqua was clutching at her eyes just like the two monsters in front of me. There are 17 volumes to the main storyline. My consciousness is starting to fade. What should we do! Still, this is a horrible sight. “I’ve used my Lip Reading skill, and he seems to be saying that attacking the castle from range is unfair. Al fiiiiiin Despues de tanto... ~Zar-kss Pd:#RanLaChupa. This feels really strange!”, “S-Shut up. ?”, “N-No, it’s fine. Volumen 10. Traducción JAP-ING: CannonGerbil/Striker, Ulti. (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! You do love to cry, but you look really bad today!”, “Satou Kazuma, you caught up with us! And I’m carrying the bag, so don’t push yourself.”, “…No matter what you say, if you are in danger I’ll still blast away. Discussion. “Thanks for your hard work! Previous Post Konosuba Volume 17: Short Story 2 Next Post WN Megumin Afterstory SS. The official English translation by Yen Press is up to Volume … Probably naming himself and demanding to know why we launched such an attack out of the blue or something similar. ?”, As the cloaked mage and his mage assistants ran around frantically trying to repair the barrier──, Megumin took a deep breath, her eyes shining crimson──, “Explosion! Explosion! Volume 17. Glory for this adventurer! Chants are used to control and amplify the power of a spell. I’m conflicted about feeling this way, but this is just business as usual!”. …Then, the naked angel shakily got up to his feet. In the confusion, we managed to use Yunyun’s spells and my companion’s Lurk skill to make it here, but… She must be close by. Noss kept his sword outstretched before him, but was whisked away before it could reach me. “No, why would the Demon King be outside?”. Noss and Logia have yet to regain their sight. Kazuma, Megumin,and Darkness finally make it to the demon kings castle.Many task await them.Will they save Aqua?Can they kill the demon king? ( Log Out /  Yunyun turned towards me, seemingly having calmed down from Megumin’s headpats. Alright, bring it on, you thieving NEET! Wiki. ──Just then, a complex magic circle suddenly appeared beneath the angel’s body and began glowing brightly. August 8, 2020 cannongerbil 140 Comments. ), el autor Natsume Akatsuki nos ha sorprendido con un final diferente al de la "WebNovel", en la novela ligera, precisamente en este volumen Aqua termina reconociendo sus sentimientos hacia Kazuma y dejando abierta la posibilidad de seguir la historia en otra novela. 248 (Japanese) You even left a letter practically begging us to come after you before running away from home! Konosuba Volume 17: Chapter 3. Anyway, with this, you really are undoubtedly the world’s strongest… H-Hey, Megumin, your nose is bleeding.”. Volumen 9. EXPLOSION!" Posted by. Volumen 15. I felt really cold all of a sudden!”, “That heartless brat! Anyway… No, wait!”. Ignoring Aqua’s whining, I looked around the room. That spell only gave me a little jolt, that’s all.”, “…Don’t mind! Leaving those voices behind me, I once again took a good look at the interior of the castle. Aqua had a firm grip on the hem of my clothes and pulled me in tightly, perhaps to take advantage of my Lurk skill. ( Log Out /  The Explosion shower turned all the mages around him into dust, leaving only the nude and heavily wounded angel in the center of a large field of craters. Updated 15 hours ago. “Hey, keep quiet! ?”, “Hey, I don’t know why, but this girl is really scary! The robe was shredded to pieces, revealing a pair of pure white wings. Pity, but teleporting me is─!”. Sitting in the corner was Aqua, hugging her knees to her chest while softly sobbing. Public. That’s it, Megumin! Then, Aqua, who didn’t know that I picked up such a skill, said, “What’s wrong? Konosuba Volume 17: Epilogue and Afterword. Volumen 2. Did she get so excited that she got a nosebleed? Public. I wanted to use my anti-undead shield, but not only was Payne wary of me, even the shield herself is on guard against me, preventing me from making use of her. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Aqua looked on nervously behind me, but this is fine. An undead who dares appear before me must really be tired of this world! Oh.”. Already tagged. Considering Aqua’s poor luck, she might end up getting caught in the blast! Already tagged. Torches hang on the walls every few paces, illuminating the hallways. You’re joking, right!?”. Something like a secret escape hatch placed close to the main gate in case the Demon King needs to escape on short notice…. Use ‘that’! Aqua screamed, her eyes still tightly closed, while the wraith cried out while looking at his right arm. This needs to be animated. 100% Upvoted. How was I? ──Before I noticed it, my surroundings had changed completely. That man is right in front of you! You know, that thing you always do during such situations!?”. It wouldn’t be unusual for him to have an escape route prepared. “!? Aaah, how did it come to this… You bastard, stop fooling around! I couldn’t even protect the person I love─!”, “No, wait, sorry to interrupt you while you’re getting emotional, but getting lost is like her signature trait. Once you break through, raise your aim a little and take the entire top off!”, “D-Don’t do that! The denizens of this world has gotten to experience what it means to be bombarded by constant heavy artillery. 18 comentarios: Unknown 28 de julio de 2020, 11:07. I can detect traps and use the Lurk skill, after all. This is common knowledge in games of all kinds from the very beginning. As the mages behind the barrier fell into complete disarray, the naked angel groggily opened his eyes. The next moment, a large boom erupted where he stood, accompanied by an immense column of smoke and a strong shockwave. The black knight started inching closer towards Aqua, and the ogre and wraith started advancing on me. -Para descargar los volúmenes clickea en las imágenes y serás redirigido a MEGA. Indeed. That conversation accompanied the sound of footsteps as they drew closer. And I heard the current Demon King is getting up in age too, so I’m certain this isn’t a trap──! “Undead are but child’s play for my might. 20 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 17: Short Story 3” Evan says: ... these stories are supposed to be located after volume 17, but I really expected them to be a little more revealing…well at least Megumin’s extra story was great. Megumin. Megumin closed her eyes, leaning into my hand and seemingly enjoying the cool sensation. When I thought we finally met up again, Kazuma, Kazumaaaaa!”, “Oh, come on, show me where you hit your face, I’ll fix it up for you… Heal!”. Already tagged. “Darkness, let’s go this way. to decide whether you want to read from the beginning instead. share. I vented my frustrations at her, and Aqua raised a clenched fist, “Seems like I have no choice but to give you a taste of divine punishment…! Kazuma-san, Kazuma-san, Kazuma-san!”. Upon seeing that, Noss lowered his stance even further. KONOSUBA tal vez sea más popular que nunca, pero ya casi llega el momento de que las novelas ligeras lleguen a su final. See more of Konosuba En Español on Facebook By the time the third blast impacted against the barrier, the Demon King’s troops came rushing out of the castle in a panicked mass. I said that because I didn’t want Mitsurugi to stay depressed, but the truth is if Aqua somehow ran into a Demon King’s soldier out there by herself, that’d be the end of it. “Payne, let’s switch targets! It's a world that is seemingly normal compared to other Isekai but that's where you and the MC quickly discover that its anything but. Volumen 11. Opening the lid, I found the pot to be filled with water. You still have the nerve to say that!?”. What should we do! (Manga) Konosuba: Spin-off's Mangas & Novelas. Aqua seemed confused for a moment, before her expression gradually twisted…, “K-Kazuma…! ... Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Payne threw himself over the fallen Logia and cried towards me. Light novel author Natsume Akatsuki wrote on his Twitter page that KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Darkness looked at this scene and trembled, “T-This is Hell… This is Hell on Earth…! I do have the Trap Disarm skill, but I haven’t used it since Chris taught it to me after my first trip into the dungeon, so I’m a little uneasy about relying on it now. I’ll purify you until there’s nothing left!”, “Dammit, I knew nothing good would happen whenever you are with me!”. You defeated your opponent in a head-on fight like the protagonist of some legend! I could hear the voices of the approaching demons even without using the Eavesdrop skill. Kadokawa has announced that the KonoSuba Volume 17 release date is scheduled for May 1, 2020. I want to hear some other people's takes on it as some other perspectives might give me more to think about. After telling Megumin and Darkness to stay within shouting distance of Mitsurugi and Yunyun, I activated my Enemy Detection skill and began scouting out the area. Season 1 adapted Volumes 1 and 2, Season 2 adapted Volumes 3 and 4. I tried to provoke him in order to throw him off, but as expected of an enemy of this caliber, he didn’t take the bait or give me an opening. Haha!”. The person who taught it to me said that despite the class having the word “Stalker” in its name, it’s actually closer to an Assassin and really cool, but…. Kazuma-san! “If you can hear me, then respond! Under normal circumstances, no one would be stupid enough to fall for such an obvious trap. Konosuba Volume 17: Epilogue and Afterword. Waaaaah! Have you forgotten about Aqua?”.

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