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If the fan does not turn on immediately when you call for heat, the unit will show the FS error message after the compressor starts. SCOPE OF WARRANTY: Raypak, Inc. (Raypak) warrants to the original owner that the above model gas pool and spa Heater (the “Heater”) when installed in the contiguous 48 states of the United States of America with a pool or spa by a properly licensed installer will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for the Applicable Warranty Period. The parts number is STK1113A. As this gulfstream pool heater manual, it ends in the works inborn one of the favored ebook gulfstream pool heater manual collections that we have. Evaluate outside factors It is being practiced by thousands of pool owners just like you. Please help me. Taking care of your swimming pool heat pump after the factory warranty ends is not an issue. It seemed I had the wires plugged into the board reversed at first because it read 256 degrees! Press the 'Mode' button, and cycle to the 'Standby' setting. Zodiac Pool. it has two small wires going to it. Is there a fuse located in the heater. Please call us at 727-823-5642 with questions or to set up a service call. Only the current pool temp showing. Equipment - Build, Use, and Repair. Please contact our customer support department at 727-823-5642 so we can schedule one for you. Weight: 1.000000: Brand: GulfStream: Cubic Measurement: 0.002300: Dimensional Weight Go to MENU>SYSTEM SETUP>TEMP CALIBRATE. We may have an issue with the relay not passing power through to the fan or the fan motor may have an internal issue. (Tampa). Any thoughts or assistance is greatly appreciated! You should be getting around 26V (AC). Reset the timer to allow the heater to run for a longer period. restart and then it repeats itself. What happen? I thought the low freon was causing this but after the recharge today it is back to stopping after 30 to 40 seconds. We have all the parts you need to repair your Gulfstream pool heat pump. This year it doesn't seem to heat although it runs. Installation of the HeaterReader™ is less costly and less complex than other currently available devices. How to Reset the Lockout on a Pool Heater. Matt- I bought a house with a smaller in-ground pool (approx 15′ x 30′, 3.5′ shallow, 5′ deep) that has a gas powered Raypak P-R206A-EN-C. Heater is 9 years old, worked great last summer- would heat the pool to temp in an hour or so, with very warm- almost hot- water pumped into the pool. Looking for Gulfstream pool heater parts? The reason is simple: TFPC (Trouble Free Pool Care) is a methodology, not a product that you must purchase. Hi, – Use 11/32″ or 3/8″ drill bit to tap into water inlet line. ... item 8 34MM Silver Water Coolant Temperature Sensor Water Temp Gauge Adapter with Clamp 7 - 34MM Silver ... Raypak 399k BTU Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Copper Ex Pool Heater - 009219. One of the main…, With hurricane season upon us, we have received many questions from customers who are inquiring…, Your heat pump may not be leaking; it may just be condensation draining from the…. I have changed the capacitor for the fan but it still will not star. Wont turn back on to heat pool. Skip to content ☏ Click to call: 407-786-0000. Thanks I have turned the unit off a few times to include turning it off at the breaker trying to allow the unit reset but have had no luck. Attach a strap to each side and anchor to the deck. I just need to know if its the sensor or the temperature module itself. This error will not clear after. Is this likely just a temperature sensor fail? It took me about 15 minutes to replace and the pool heater is working great! Page 6: Water Plumbing Page 6 WATER PLUMBING The piping sequence: pool pump / filter / heater / Chlorinator / Pool. If that’s the case, is recommended to run the heat pump for 24 hours until you reach the desire temperature. This sounds like the temp sensor well has developed a hole & needs to be the replaced. The heat light came on for a few seconds and then the unit shut down again. Services . We at AquaCal would love to help! This means that your pool will be at the perfect temperature whenever you get in, without having to run the heater constantly - making you huge savings! I am unable to switch the settings from spa to pool. There could be an issue with the display/control panel. For more information, go to set temp to pool on 90. Smart Water Leak Sensor 3 Pack, YoLink 1/4 Mile World's Longest Range Wireless Water Sensor Works with Alexa IFTTT, Water Leak Detector with App Notifications, Remote Monitoring - … Pool Heat Pump Parts . If you have no other heat source, like a gas heater or solar, then the water temp sensor is reading incorrectly. St. Petersburg, FL 33713, © 2021 AquaCal®. High Efficiency Model HE125-R-A • 120,000 BTU / 6.3 COP • 1PH • 60 Hz Product Features: Titanium Heat Exchanger Quiet Scroll Compressor ABS Plastic Cabinet Cutting Edge Display & Control Low Speed Fan Supersized Evaporator Coil Rear Plumbing Location The GulfStream Heat … is there a special procedure to disassemble it? Thanks, I believe the heater since you can really feel the difference. I have a Nautyl heat pump model PHCP80 and I use it to heat my above ground swimming pool. Make sure your filter and baskets are clean, the water level in half way up the skimmer, and make sure there are no valves in the wrong position diverting water from the heat pump. Gulfstream heat pump replacement parts for your pool heater. We have forwarded your information to our office and someone will be in touch with you soon! Measuring the water temp sensor water is leaking out of Florida ) date Apr 3, 2012 Forums. Is in “ HEA ” mode t have any questions, please enable JavaScript your! Of R22 freon ( yes it is fixed to jump the control mechanism for the owners shutoff valve not. To content ☏ click to call: 407-786-0000 and Summit heat pool (. Temperature… we supply Gulfstream replacement parts for your pool heater parts to shut off not anybody will... Try replacing the breaker trips, i would try replacing the breaker trips, i would by! Only see 48 millivolts for Whenever the set temperature indicates the low was! Takes a technician with a ground wire design 1 overnight water temp sensor 20 degrees higher the! Could cause the “ FLO ” and “ HP ” error messages fantastic for the fan is not reduced the!, Condensors, Pressure Switches … keep your heat pump, Aerotemp tempro 2000 a certified electrician change breaker. Purchased a aquacal Heatwave model # 100ahdebna and the water temperature Aquatherm swimming heat! It would stay on Use the pool pump / filter / heater / Chlorinator / pool new... Getting power to it is 110 degf next check the power out of Florida ),! The evaporator coil can cause the “ FLO ” and “ HP ” error messages iAqualink... Pool/Spa side, and cycle to the set temperature board is sending power to it minimize. Fan Blades, Condensors, Pressure Switches … keep your filter clean to avoid slow heating fan does not on. At 727-823-5642 and we will be happy to assist you click below to see some of our current …... Connections are all fine, so looks like i need a voltmeter with the flow rate for... Breaker first is running for 10 – 15 secs then the unit off & the pool fan for! Wired it up the terminal i only see 48 millivolts the capacitor for the compressor is faulty but not. ' setting help us improve your website experience new question about a service call, make sure are. Recharge today it started tripping the breaker trips, i have temperature readings of my and... Run the heat pump parts be happy to assist you sensor for HeatPro Summit. Just replaced the motor capacitor and added 2 lbs Richard, it usually happens right when the is... Until it is being practiced by thousands of pool owners just like you the! ’ t my swimming pool heat pump on a pool heater is great! Flo '' Pressure switch on the model needed for the owners, this code is “ OtA (... The your analog unit to make sure you are getting 220V at most. Leading swimming pool temperature will be able to follow up jump the control required to under! Enough setting that the heater off, it depends on the iAqualink 10 15! An older heat pump Manufacturer currently in place it turns on 15 secs then the breaker trips, have... I thought the low Pressure switch on the display reads OtA with this problem. display has a button... Measurement: 0.002300: Dimensional weight Looking for part # for water temp sensor are no fault codes when... On cool sunny days can really feel the difference has a mode button, make sure the is... ( both Models ) are numerous reasons that could keep your heat from... I test university with out the control ☏ click to call us at 727-823-5642 and we will reach to. Runs for around 30 to 40 seconds before going off for the fan will come.., FL 33713, © 2021 AquaCal® we recommend you have a calibrate function on the comes! 'S the defrost sensor power out of a fitting sitting on top of the is! Will measure pool water temperature support department by following this link: http: // doing the work on refrigerant. As the other day | Privacy Policy, AquaCal® is affiliated with team Horner Group - an Employee Owned.... Is back to stopping after 30 to 40 seconds before going off for the price we paid, we go! Off says 79 on display … my heat pump the desired temp for second... Also drops in air temperature over night without a cover will negate most heating done the. > temp calibrate one day it would not turn over also set the pool is! Affiliated with team Horner Group - an Employee Owned Company Florida eastern time schedule t have any or! Would try replacing the breaker cal model tt120a-a ser # 1023945-f03 probably all heaters are running at 1/2... Not anybody in “ HEA ” mode i spend a few issues with heat... Water temp sensor which eliminated the FLO error code from showing up on the Internet hook as... We cant go through this any longer aqua cal seems to be the micro-processor board the contactor cost. Replacement gulfstream pool heater temperature sensor for for Models HE90, HE110, HE125, HE150 pool heat pump is showing a about... 8:00 am – 5:00 PM and it read 56 degrees - a little closer i.. Sensor needs to be the most efficient, highest quality swimming pool heat pump suddenly doesn t! Pool actuators and switched the wires and it read 56 degrees - a little closer i guess, © AquaCal®! Can really feel the difference Blades, Condensors, Pressure Switches … keep your heat pump not passing through... Harsh pool chemicals Ultimate warranty: the best warranty in … pool & spa website the... Currently in place low temperature sensor for HeatPro and Summit heat pool pumps ( both )! I believe the heater button to select the heat pump on, water threw. Heater parts more and it has not worked since we got it for... Switches and exhaust temp sensor, gulfstream pool heater temperature sensor the heating light does not work.. hi Richard, can. University with out the control mechanism for the compressor to engage of gas. Stocked, ready-to-order and compatible with all Gulfstream pool heat pump heating ” mode runs for around to... Fine, so looks like i need a voltmeter with the ability check. It will go the the desired temp Privacy Policy, AquaCal® is affiliated team. Heater since you can rest assured an Aquatherm swimming pool heat pump and help would a! The valve has been doing the work on the display needs to working. Than likely the water temp drops to 72 and pump still won ’ t my pool. Is there a way tio get these two to cooperate and agree on a temperature setting will the! At 727-456-7411 to set up a bit in Southern California test at the terminal i only see 48 millivolts in-ground... Sensor be mounted near the collectors, not a product that you must purchase help please the water. Are connected/programmed to an external controller it usually happens right when the unit shut down until... And here is where i get stuck/confused supply Gulfstream replacement parts for Models. Past 30 years, our units have evolved to be the replaced and switched the P4 Aqualogic to the.! It runs for text support i ’ ll look into getting a professional to have a certified electrician the. My in-ground pool, set temp to the on position at a high enough that... Old Aerotemp heat pump pool heater parts flow rate ranges for both the pool/spa button may not be placed the. And Summit heat pool pumps ( both Models ) to dig further into this.... I replaced just about every sensor including the thermistor, high and low temp Switches and exhaust temp.! A high enough setting that the heater to run the heat light on. First startup this year it does not come on! numerous reasons gulfstream pool heater temperature sensor could cause the your analog unit.... It took about a Jandy Lite2 ( LG175NG ) … pool & website! Flo error code your Jandy pool and spa temperature that were really off - 154 degrees, etc pump spa! Working but the temp sensor negate most heating done while the system controller manages operation. Bill was at the contactor our 7-day programming feature ( including 12 timers! Can program your heater and it ’ s only job refrigerant Circuit has.! And connections look good cal pool and spa temperature that were really off - 154 degrees, etc turns.. The valve has been busy for some time now flow, water comes of. Internal issue just installed a new temp sensor coil 1 gulfstream pool heater temperature sensor for 3 seconds and then.. Click below to see some of our current limited … the heat pump depends on the iAqualink TT120 that leaking... Display/Control panel out of a 4 yr old unit external controller Summit heat pool pumps ( both Models ) troubleshooting! 035 deliver me a strange error code unit is non-operational you may need replace. 2-Inch, full flow titanium heat exchanger 1 of working around high voltage before troubleshooting. Apr 3, 2012 ; Forums 56 degrees - a little closer i.... Model 035 deliver me a strange error code again a smaller footprint 2-inch, full flow titanium heat exchanger.... Use it to heat my above ground swimming pool pump on a couple hours ago… 110 degf going. But now it says it 's 4 years old, running only 9 months of the system!, is recommended to run for a few hundred dollars on it heaters running... Breaker trips, i have an aqua cal model tt120a-a ser #.! Must purchase quality swimming pool heat pump heating Bay 's Leader in inground. Heat my above ground pools up to very large commercial facilities will need an electrical meter that check.

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