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Road Glide® vs. Street Glide®: Handling & Style. 7 Which has a more plush seat? In the next few outlines, we will take a look at their features differently and their notable differences. Also, its headlight is halogen lit while the taillight is led lit. After reading our full analysis, you’ll be able to decide on what you want. The table below will give a brief overview of what Road King and Street Glide doesn’t have in common. Although recommended, Road King can’t suit everyone’s riding style. Biete Auspuff von meiner HD Road King CVO 2017. Newbies can always pull it off with a few weeks of consistent practice. The street glide has a ground clearance of one hundred and twenty-five, and the road king has ten more making the sum one hundred and thirty-five. The choice is yours. Other similarities include identical engine displacement, compression ratio, exhaust, and ESPFI fuel system. Both the Road King and Electra Glide are built with Impeller Cast Aluminum wheels, with the Electra Glide having 17″ Impeller Cast Aluminum wheels. The stroke for this model is one hundred and eleven point one millimetres while the compression ratio is ten to one. This is because the system will adjust accordingly and make some functions readily available as opposed to when using the manual mode. Touring ab '88 mit Montagevorrichtung für Fahrerrückenlehne 260,00 € * Produktdetails. Harley original Top Case Tour Pak Leder Leather Road King Classic Stil. The saddle altitude must be factored in before and during purchase. These two models, however, share the same weigh both in dry and kerb mass. Research and consultation with experts in this field will help one find a way to a motorcycle that has minimal or no noise and sound pollution. This variation affects the wind protection and rider’s triangle. Find below the detailed motorcycle comparison of Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Harley-Davidson Road King, based on price, specifications, & other features. 299 € VB 26125 Oldenburg. Road Glide’s frame-mounted fairing gives it a shark-nose look. May 26, 2015 . Beim wesentlich praxisnäheren Durchzug von 60 bis 100 km/h sind es 2,5 Sekunden (6,3 zu 8,8), von 100 bis 140 km/h immer noch 2,2. The Street Glide model is a step up from the basic Road King, similar in size and style but with a few added features. As a newbie, you shouldn’t be confused or convinced with the interesting adjectives used to qualify either Road King or Street Glide. The question is common, “Street Glide or Road King, which is better?”. Although both the Road King and Street Glide have the same length, 96.5 inches, the Street Glide has certain features that make it slightly shorter and aids its maneuverability. Super Sound, schön dumpf aber nicht zu... Versand möglich . The displacement for this engine is one thousand seven hundred and forty-six cubic centimeters. This is not only dangerous but tiring as well. For clarity, frame-mounted fairing means the fairing doesn’t move with the handlebar. Although it might not fit perfectly, it will be quite unnoticeable. What are the similarities between the Road King and Street Glide? Kostenloser Versand. Also, Road King has an Impeller Cast Aluminum wheel while Street Glide uses an Enforcer Cast Aluminum wheel. If I had to buy a batwing bike tomorrow, I'd probably get an EGS and spend my savings on taller suspension, the fathead cycles sony audio kit, a different seat, and some passing lights. 15 Can a Street Glide seat be replaced with a Road King’s? An average fuel economy indicator is also something that the street glide has which the road king does not. Zusatzscheinwerfer . Isn’t that cool. 273 Posts . The Street Glide has a slightly lower chassis and a seat height of 27.4 inches. The Street Glide has a slightly lower chassis and a seat height of 27.4 inches. Most newbies get to read reviews and become confused. Once there is a struggle to reach the throttle, comfortability is compromised. When thinking about buying a touring motorbike, one should set a budget and look for a product that fits within their range. So we mounted up the recently-released 2010 Star Stratoliner Deluxe and a brand new 2011 Harley-Davidson Street Glide and headed out from L.A. to meet Cherney (on a freshly-minted 2011 Victory Cross Country) in Western Colorado for a couple of days of riding on some of the best roads … The type of motorcycle acquired guides one of the kind of clothing that is appropriate for them. The street glide, on the other hand, has the following specifications regarding the engine. 22.01.2021. They both have two cylinders with four valves. 2011er RoadGlide ULTRA CVO in Bestzustand. It is hence important for a person to take a test drive before settling on … Sincerely, a tour bike’s performance is a display of a rider’s expertise. Badlander Sitz 13" Touring ab '08 402,00 € * Produktdetails. The Road King has a frame-mounted fairing, while the Street Glide has a fork-mounted fairing. Beginners are always on the lookout for motorcycles with easy handling, Road King or Street Glide? Road King or Street Glide? Concerning seat’s comfortability, all riders’ have their preference. The topic of Road King versus Street Glide always results in an endless series of arguments. Detailed bikes comparison on Indian Chieftain vs Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special; compare on-road price, performance and other features on bike comparison site. Street Glide / Road King Hi, nach 4 Jahren FatBoy war bei mir die Überlegeung Street Glide oder Road King. The road king model possesses a chrome, 2-1-1 twin exhaust with tapered mufflers while the street glide is designed with a double cradle chassis. 8 How much shorter is Street Glide vs Road King? It is a Milwaukee-Eight 114 type. UVP EUR 559,99. Both the Road King and Street Glide are 96.5” long, but the Street Glide features a slightly lower chassis and an unladen seat height of 27.4”; it is also slightly lighter than the Road King at 810lbs when in running order. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to So, without a close look, Street Glide and Road King have the same length, the shorter chassis in Street Glide is the key to the difference in dimension. The two bikes have a fuel economy around 45 miles per gallon. This feature aids its balance. It would be inadvisable to stop here, there is more to know besides this tabular comparison. Pricing too can be a matter of concern, though not significant, a difference of $300 can be factored in for the sake of the argument. Für die Street Glide … This is a commonly asked question. … The answer is in the differences. Bluetooth compatible devices, blast your favorite tunes, stay cutting edge with easy updates and more with this best-selling Infotainment system. One has to be careful, therefore, when getting one. The performance of Road King or Street Glide can be maximized with years of practice. Same with road glide / special. Official websites to motorcycle manufacturers will help one make an informed decision regarding the price ranges of their products hence the amount of money they will spend acquiring one. Investing a few bucks on a test ride is better than buying an uncomfortable tour bike. Summary of Road Glide vs. Street Glide. 10 Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger (Top Picks) – Reviews & Buying Guide, Harley Davidson Primary Oil Change: How To Change Harley Primary Fluid, 10 Best Air Ride For Harley Touring 2021- Top Quality Air Ride Suspension Kit, 10 Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide 2021: Smooth & Cool Hangers For Harley Rider, Harley Voltage Regulator Symptoms: How To Know If Regulator Rectifier is Bad, The headlight and the taillight are led lit, Headlight is halogen lit but taillight is led lit, Lacks bat fairing but can be installed as an upgrade. The best anyone can offer you from these two similitude tour bikes will be based on their differences. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 16, 2016. Es ist noch gar nicht lange her, da galten elektrisch betriebene Zweiräder unter … Badlander Sitz 12.25" Road King … H-D mit Zusatzscheinwerfern aus dem Original oder Zubehörprogramm (außer Electra Glide, Street Glide, Ultra Limited & Trike ab '14) ... FLHRS Road King Custom 04-07 22,00 € * Produktdetails. Which seat is best for you? The claimed engine torque is 111 ft-lb at three thousand two hundred and fifty. As a rider, how long can you ride with inconvenience? There are multiple similarities in the brake and wheel system of these two touring bikes. … Die Road Glide fällt mit ihrer mächtigen Frontverkleidung auf, die einen äußerst coolen LED-Doppelscheinwerfer beherbergt und anders als bei der Street Glide nicht mitlenkt. Plus One — Tata Safari Review. In this article, we will discuss their differences. We are also participants in other affiliate programs and may earn a small commission if you purchase through our links. 0; 0; More from Motoring. Other factors to look out for as a newbie is fuel tank capacity, fuel economy, and transmission system. Weight: It weighs 376kg, heavier than the Street Glide. You can overstuff the Road King Classic saddlebags, can't do that with the hard bags. If you need the radio, get the Street Glide. This includes the need to customise the motorcycle to ones preferred taste, which comes at an added price. 10.01.2021. Road King & FLHX 97-07, Electra Glide & Road Glide '97-'07 mit Tankkonsole 71288-03A oder Anpassungsstück 52447-96 486,00 € * Produktdetails. FAQ’s of Harley Davidson Road King vs Street Glide. This doesn’t directly affect the plushness of the seats. Touring models are mostly used for long-distance travel, and the noise and fumes may have long term effects on the rider. The dry … Daymaker 4" Reflector LED Zusatzscheinwerfer, chrom . Street Glide® comes with 5.25 inch speakers standard, AM/FM radio, USB capability and … Street Glide® comes standard with a Boom!™ Infotainment system. To get the best of the latest features added to them one ought to acquire recently manufactured models. To avoid traumatic regret and get your money’s worth, do a test ride. Likely upgrade for a Road King or Street Glide includes suspension, transmission, and engine upgrade. Engine: Like the Street Glide, Road King has an engine capacity of 1745CC, this makes it a road favorite. One is the color variant; the color variant of the touring bike you choose to buy will affect the cost. That brought you here. In the case of the road king versus the street glide, the former’s seat height is higher than that of the latter. Going against the wind makes the different elements in the air land on the rider. Can a Street Glide seat be replaced with a Road King’s? Learn about Jax Teller’s bike from Sons of Anarchy, Mikuni Carb Identification: How to tell which one you have, 10 Best Motorcycle Jackets and Reviews (Awesome Protection/armor), 119 Motorcycle Quotes and Sayings(Biker Wisdom), 10 Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews(with comparison chart), 10 Best LED Lights for Motorcycles: 2020 Reviews and Ratings. The available color variants thus. It should be noted that reviews are written reports of riders’ experience. For long-distance touring, one should go for good quality gear preferably made with waterproof material to help navigate different weather condition that they will encounter while in transit. EUR 549,00. Typical of all touring models, the road king and street glide have large saddlebags and back coil-over air suspension. But until you have a road experience with any of these tour bikes, you can’t tell what suits you. The road king’s front tyre measures 180/30-B17 and the rear one is 180/65-B16. Luckily for you, a test ride might not be needed. Demonstrations and test rides will help one figure out the best touring bike for their height. The front and rear brake systems of both are discs, the wheels cast aluminium, and the tyre types tubeless.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wanderingbiker_net-box-4','ezslot_7',109,'0','0'])); The tyre and wheel dimensions, however, differ. Some people don’t like the heaviness (heavier compared to the Road Glide) of the Street Glide’s front end. At 796 pounds, the Street Glide is about 25 pounds lighter than the Road Glide. The " stree glide" has a dropped ass and less cornering clearance. Road King is a great ride. This Infotainment has Am/Fm feature and USB compatible. Gut erhalten und HD ist erst 9000 km... 350 € 14624 Dallgow. #6. marshrat and Cogswell like this. Price: The price ranges according to color and added optional upgrade. Hi, I'm Teddy! BY Motoring Crew. Other than meeting the requirements set by regulatory bodies, one ought to have ease in putting their foot/feet down without hassle when the need arises. 10 Road King or Street Glide, which is best for me? While the road glide has a frame-mounted fairing, the street glide has a fork-mounted fairing, which may create a difference in the wind protection angle. Swag is more a … Street Glide vs Road King has become a very popular topic amongst tour riders. Harley-Davidson is the manufacturer of both Road King and Street Glide. 2 Which one is better for newbies/beginners? There are bike garages that offer free test ride, it would be a cool way of affirming your fit. Harley-Davidson Street Glide; Harley-Davidson Street Rod; Harley-Davidson Sportster; Harley-Davidson Road King; Tests Alle Tests anzeigen (400) Sortiert nach Popularität und Aktualität Tourenfahrer; Ausgabe: 6/2020; Erschienen: 05/2020; Klimawandel Testbericht über 2 Motorräder. Their seats can be used interchangeably. More interestingly, Street Glide’s headlight is halogen lit. Harley original CVO Top Case Tour Pak Touring Electra Glide Street Glide . The characteristics listed above are among those that differentiate the road king from the street glide. We acknowledge the urbanites' love for these bikes, but that's not gonna keep us downtown in the summertime. Now they could have always gotten the road king of course, but no young person would want that thing. The saddle height for the road king stands at seven hundred and five millimetres and that of the street glide is six hundred and ninety millimetres. The comfortability of the seat is in retrospect of the rider’s height and riding posture. Once the total cost has been established, an informed decision will be made on whether to get a motorcycle or not.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'wanderingbiker_net-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',111,'0','0'])); The various features on a motorcycle such as an engine and the exhaust pipes influence the amount of noise and fumes that it produces. So, which has the best road performance? In this article, Road King won’t be declared the best and neither will the Street Glider. The dimensions of the street glide are front:-130/60-B19 Rear:-180/55-B18. Street Glide comes with an Infotainment System that allows riders to listen to music on a 5.35-inch speaker. The street glide is slightly smaller measuring a sum of two thousand four hundred and twenty-five millimetres. Topcase King OLM für Harley Electra Glide Standard 19-20. ADV Sponsors. Also, one can go for a model that allows for a fitting of a seat. So from a styling perspective they both look very different, but they also handle differently. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The Road King has a seat height of 705mm while the Street Glide seat’s height is 715mm. The official Harley-Davidson website provides all specifications for the road king and street glide models. Many have made the mistake of buying a touring bike based on someone else’s recommendation. To the untrained eye, the Harley-Davidson Street Glide® and Harley-Davidson Road Glide® might look like similar bikes, but if you’re weighing Street Glide® vs. Road Glide®, you already know where to look: the fairing.. The seat height should be taken into serious consideration during shopping to allow the rider comfort and accessibility of necessary functions with minimal risk. This in turn helps with better acceleration owing to a slightly better power-to-weight ratio. Some love the look, some comfortability. They both have high beam headlights, LED taillights, and turn signal lamps. To cut down on the wind resistance one should ensure that they check out the protection options available for the touring model they go for. The truth is, as a beginner, whichever tour bike you choose between Road King and Street Glide, practices will make it your favorite. The variation in the parts composed in both Road King and Street Glide makes Road King a bit heavier than Street Glide; just by 15kg. Although both the Road King and Street Glide have the same length, 96.5 inches, the Street Glide has certain features that make it slightly shorter and aids its maneuverability. How much shorter is Street Glide vs Road King? The street glide has a ground clearance of one hundred and twenty-five, and the road king has ten more making the sum one hundred and thirty-five. Windshields für Harley-Davidson Touring Modelle wie Road King & Street Glide online kaufen im Thunderbike Shop I started this site along with two other friends and fellow roadhogs, Lee and Normberg. They both accommodate twenty-two point seven litres of fuel.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'wanderingbiker_net-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',108,'0','0'])); The total length of the road king model is two thousand four hundred and fifty millimetres. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Although both Road King and Street Glide has their respective die-hard fans. A friend of mine also pointed out that I might have some difficulties reaching radio on Road glide. 130 € VB 77656 Offenburg. EUR 419,99. But if you are going to try and turn a Road King into a Street or Electra Glide you are going to end up spending a lot more money than just buying one. Kostenloser Versand. Besides these amazing features, the Road King has a frame-mounted fairing and led lit headlight and taillight. Die Instrumente sind aufgeteilt. Die luft-/ölgekühlte Version des Milwaukee-Eight 107 wird in nicht nur in der Road King, sondern auch in den Modellen Street Glide Special und Road Glide … Auspuff Harley Touring Street Glide E Glide Original Road King. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. We have the Harley-Davidson Road Glide priced at ₱2.25 Million, while Harley-Davidson Road King is priced at ₱1.893 - ₱1.94 Million . The features listed above are essential when one is looking to by a motorcycle for touring. Road King is a series of touring motorcycles that have been in the Harley-Davidson line since 1994. The prices of the tour bikes are mainly affected by different factors. These are important in touring motorcycle since it means that a rider does not have to check certain elements manually. Most times, cyclers and tour bikers are usually at a crossroad about which motorcycle they should buy or rent. Once a motorcycle has been bought, maintenance and repair costs kick in. 04 … Road King and Street Glide are the two most popular and competitive road bikes manufactured by Harvey Davidson, one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Harley-Davidson Street Glide CVO Street Glide … The Harley-Davidson Road Glider offers a frame-mounted fairing while the Harley-Davidson Street Glide® offers a … 13 Road King or Street Glide, which has the best performance? With a test ride, you can assess the bikes’ comfortability, maneuverability, capacity, and see what upgrade you desire. When selecting one according to your needs, there are questions you should ask yourself. Sportster XL ab '14 415,00 € * Produktdetails. Street Glide on the other hand has a “batwing” fairing, which is common to other Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Many other characteristics make these two similar, but they feature some differences that make each model unique. The cooling systems for both of them are air-cooled and the engine type being saddlebags DOHC. Sie fährt sich zumindest subjektiv etwas kopflastiger als die Street und wirkt im Straßenbild … The Street Glide weighs a bit more, has a bit less ground clearance. Zudem … The Road Glide has a frame-mounted fairing and the Street Glide has a fork-mounted fairing. - 110 CUI 1,8L Motor - 6-Gang Getriebe - ABS -... 2011. Road King’s strength is Street Glide’s weakness and vice versa. Enjoy! Together we document the state of the motorcycle industry, our travels together, and other random things. There are digital garages that offer test rides too. The truth is, the similarities they share are more than the differences. Harley-Davidson RoadGlide Ultra CVO. Kuryakyn Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Tour … Harley Davidson Road King CVO Limited Auspuff. The saddle height for the road king stands at seven hundred and five millimetres and that of the street glide is six hundred and ninety millimetres. Due to the differences in the fairing, the wind protection varies and the rider triangle is different. The 2019 model of the Harley-Davidson road king model has a Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. EUR 1.099,95. Motorcycles that lack wind protectors are regarded to be beautiful, but they are a pain for one travelling long distance. There is a bunch of bike garage that offers a test ride at reasonable prices or no cost. Traffic regulations require riders to be foot down at stop signs. Also, Road King’s headlight and taillight are led lit. What are the factors that affect Road King or Street Glide’s prices? Also, they have four as the total number of strokes. Price: Without special upgrades, you can get a Road King for at least $27,299. Street Glide versus Road King is a very interesting topic. It doesn’t stop at that; both are 96.5 inches in length. -SRK Cycles Inventory Click here to see to rent a motorcycle? Anti-lock brakes, traction control, and fuel indicators are among the essential provisions that technology has to offer. These similarities start from the design, then the engine capacity, fuel tank capacity, and length. 2020 Harley-Davidson Road Glide vs. 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Contact Us If you’re in the market for an aggressive hot rod that will cause a stir wherever you take it in Lathrop, you’ll find that both the 2020 Harley-Davidson Road Glide and the 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide are top-tier choices. Road Glide and Road King have same chassis, shock length, kinda the same seat. 11 What are the factors that affect Road King or Street Glide’s prices? Weight: Owing to its double cradle chassis and enforcer cast aluminum in both suspensions, it weighs 361kg. The displacement is one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight cubic centimetres. Harley Street Glide Road King Auspuff Endschalldämpfer von Rinehart Schwarz in Sehr guten Zustand... Versand möglich. _____ 6/14/14 2014 FLHXS Street Glide Special Black Denim 6/30/11 2011 FXDC Super Glide Custom Vivid Black The days I now describe as the dark time. Road King or Street Glide, which is best for me? You don’t like the stress of finding a garage, right? And the taillight is LED lit. rc51owner, Apr 21, 2020 #7. Harley-Davidson has been in the motorcycle industry for almost a century, designing and selling top-notch motorcycles that stands the test of time and road. The stroke for this model is one hundred and fourteen while the compression ratio is ten point five to one. What’s more beautiful. But, front-end-mounted or “batwing” fairing means the handlebar also controls the fairing. This bike is among the favourites from this company that has been in operation for many years.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'wanderingbiker_net-box-3','ezslot_11',106,'0','0'])); The street glide series has been produced for slightly over a decade and is among popular models from this manufacturer. Considering different factors such as the bike’s weight and maneuverability which contributes to handling, Road King is commonly recommended for newbies. It is a more interesting topic, knowing that both Road King and Street Glide are products of the same manufacturer. This makes Street Glide ideal for night riders, can you envisage that? These two models are available in an array of colours. Also, Street Glide and Road King share the most similarities amongst the motorcycle designs of Harley Davidson. Für die Bestellung benötigen wir vor Ort die genauen Fahrzeugdaten Deiner Harley, bringe daher bitte den Fahrzeugschein mit zu uns. Gestern, 11:39. Original Harley-Davidson Parts Ersatzteile Komm vorbei, bei uns im Shop kannst Du gerne original Harley-Davidson® Ersatzteile bestellen. Fahrerrückenlehne Komfort-Steppung . It has a fuel capacity of 22.7L. All you need to do is book a ride on their website and visit the physical garage or location on the set date. If you like the classic look, go with the Road King. A bike equipped with saddlebags is ideal for touring. Each upgrade has a different price tag. Both Road King and Street Glide uses Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. Swag is not a physical entity, in that you cannot point at particular areas of an individual to determine whether or not it may be present. Interesting to note is that these motorcycles have a similar fuel capacity. Compatibility of a bike with electronic additions is something that one must check. Harley road king and Street Glide differ in features, even though they are similar. Electronic aids come in handy when one has plans to ride in wet weather. Lest I forget the obvious difference, it has a fork-mounted fairing which affects its wind protection style. Moreover, given that both Street Glide and Road King has almost the same price tag, “which to buy” becomes a necessary question asked by potential buyers. In terms of angle, Road King has a slightly greater lean angle. My biggest apprehension right now about the Road Glide is Getting used to the fixed fairing. Fuel and lubricants are among the many products that one will require to ensure that their bike remains in good condition. As the decision-maker, you have to capitalize on their merits according to your priority or needs. The kerb weight difference is not a big deal for a pro tour rider, but it is for newbies. I am the only person I … Riding gear is pricey but essential for every time one rides on their bike. Thus, Harley-Davidson … Road King® comes with Impeller Cast Aluminum wheels, while Street Glide’s® are Enforcer Cast Aluminum. Some of the links on this site are Amazon affiliate links. The cost of parts that require to be replaced from time to time should also be factored in and their availability as well. Coupled with this it has a standard fairing which ensures windbreak during a ride. Road King or Street Glide, which has the best performance? H-D with 4" round auxiliary forward lighting. A few minutes of test ride will save you a series of logical evaluations about your comfort or likely discomfort. Also, upgrade influences the total price you eventually pay for a touring bike. These similarities can only be altered with a few upgrades when necessary. Harley Road King and Street Glide are very much alike. When shipping a bike from a different country, one has to inquire on the type of products it will need and confirm that they can access them readily in their urbanite. So, it is advised that as a newbie, you test ride both Road King and Street Glide. Kostenloser Versand. Road king or the full dress is the only place to get "tall" suspension. Older models are generally known to be less compatible with this type of adjustments. Engine: The Street Glide has an engine capacity of 1745CC which makes it fit for a long mileage tour. The seat’s height influences the handling of a touring bike. You can only find out with a test ride. It’s all worth the price. I have been looking around at the 16 Street Glide and was thinking about trading my Road King in on it and I know they should be about the same as riding but the Street Glide has more features for a … Also, their pros and cons will be analyzed for a better understanding of the effect of their varying features. But Road King has greater maneuverability due to its slightly greater lean angle. If the performance is based on power and handling only, they would be on par. Amazing the miles you can eat up on them. It just happens that when you get to like one of these tour bikes, the weight doesn’t matter anymore. You might have grown a likeness for any of the models of Road King and Street Glide, but a non-prejudicial look will give you reasons for needing one or wanting both Road King and Street Glide. The size and type of luggage carrier to go with are dictated by the kind of travel that one is into, the duration that one will be on the road, and the type of amenities available along the route to the final destination. The road glide and street glide are similar in many ways. 14.590 € 78333 Stockach. Trotz eines Motors, der möglicherweise montags ganz früh zusammengebaut wurde, nimmt die neue Harley-Davidson Road King Classic der 2016er beim Standardsprint von 0 bis 100 km/h eine halbe Sekunde ab (4,9 zu 5,4).

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