analysis of a hydrate lab answers
20 十二月 2020

Describe with the aid of the diagram sketches the three types of oxyacetylene plates. A compound contains only an unknown metal and chlorine. The molar mass of any compound is the mass in grams of one mole of that compound.  One mole of carbon dioxide molecules has a mass of 44.01 g, while one mole of sodium sulfide formula units has a mass of 78.04 g.  The molar masses are 44.01 g/mol and 78.04 g/mol respectively.  In both cases, that is the mass of 6.02 × 10 23 representative particles.  The representative particle of CO 2 is the molecule, while for Na 2 S, it is the formula unit. Which is the least costly in terms of equipment? The density of the solution is 0.982 g/mL. A solution is 11% by mass of sodium chloride. Both have the empirical formula CH 2 O. Empirical formulas can be determined from the percent composition of a compound.  In order to determine its molecular formula, it is necessary to know the molar mass of the compound.  Chemists use an instrument called a mass spectrometer to determine the molar mass of compounds.  In order to go from the empirical formula to the molecular formula, follow these steps: The empirical formula of a compound of boron and hydrogen is BH 3 .  Its molar mass is 27.7 g/mol.  Determine the molecular formula of the compound. A 0.5998-gram sample of a compound was analyzed and found to contain 0.2482 grams of carbon, 0.02088 grams of hydrogen, and 0.3307 grams of oxygen. Step 1:  List the known quantities and plan the problem. Methods are described for conversions between moles, atoms, and molecules. The alcohol content of hard liquor is normally given in terms of the "proof," which is defined as twice the percentage by volume of ethanol ( C H 3 O H ) present. 14.3 %, What is the present chorine in iron(II) chloride? Why is the empirical formula for glucose C_6H_{12}O_6? What is the volume of 79.3 g of neon gas at STP? What volume of this solution would you prepare 5.0 liters of 1.0 N H2SO4? Analytical Chemistry 7e by Gary D. Christian In 2006, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 382 ppm. How many milliliters of a .806 M H_2SO_4 solution must be used to make 200.0 mL of a 0.128 mL H_2SO_4 the solution? All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. How many grams of Al^{+3} are in 65.0 mEq? Since the given mass is less than half of the molar mass of chlorine, the resulting number of molecules is less than half of Avogadro’s number. What is the %(w/v) of albumin in a serum sample that contains 4.0 g of albumin per deciliter? The animal mole is very different than the counting unit of the mole. What value is at the center of all the calculations? Convert to molarity (mol/L). 72.3% b. Combustion of a 50.00 g sample of the alcohol produced 95.50 g of CO_2 and 58.70 g of H_2O. a) aortic and carotid bodies b) atrial walls c) lungs d) medulla oblongata e) pons. Calculate the response factor for the analy... __________ is defined as the lower end of the concentration range of a flammable solvent at a given temperature and pressure for which air / vapour mixtures can ignite. While transferring weighed salt to the test tube during this experiment, a student spilled some; will this salt loss result in calculated salt solubilities that are too high, too low , or unchanged... How does overshooting the endpoint in titration affect molarity? What is the percent by mass of water in the hydrate MgCl2 5H2O? What mass of NaCl would you use to make 10 L of a solution containing 75 mg/L NaCl? A 2.25 g sample of titanium metal is burned in an oxygen atmosphere to produce 3.75 g of titanium oxide. What is the empirical formula for this compound? The number 6.02 × 10 23 is called Avogadro’s number , the number of representative particles in a mole.It is an experimentally determined number. It certainly is easy to count bananas or to count elephants (as long as you stay out of their way). An 8.24 gram sample of a hydrated salt is heated until it has a constant mass of 6.20 grams. b) mobile phase. Many metals react with acids to produce hydrogen gas.  A certain reaction produces 86.5 L of hydrogen gas at STP.  How many moles of hydrogen were produced? B. Molarity. An unknown compound contains only C, H, and O. There is no need to explicitly calculate the moles of Cl 2 . A sample of benzene is analyzed and found to consist of 13.74 g of carbon and 1.15 g of hydrogen. The density of a solution of hydrochloric acid is 1.1492 g/cc, and it is 30.00 percent by mass. A compound contains 40% carbon, 6.71 % hydrogen, and 53.3 % oxygen by mass. Calculate the molality and osmolality of 20 g NaCl dissolved in 500 ml water. Borax, NA_2B_4O_7, is often used as a component of detergent and cosmetics. Calculate the mass (in grams) of calcium carbonate present in a 50.00 mL sample of an aqueous calcium carbonate standard, assuming the standard is known to have a hardness of 75.0 ppm (hardness due... A certain alcohol contains only 3 elements, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. A student assistant is cleaning up after a chemistry laboratory exercise and finds three one-liter bottles containing alcohol solutions. D) Microinjection. The material Styrofoam is made by blowing a gas into the polymer polystyrene made from styrene. (Assume a density of 1.0... A pure gas containing 92.3% carbon and 7.7% hydrogen by mass has a density of 1.16 g/L at STP. When weighing liquid ethanol, why do you have to place water in the beaker prior to adding the ethanol to that same beaker? What is the empirical formula? What is the empirical formula and the molecular formula of butane? a. A solution contains 28% phosphoric acid by mass. Calculate the percent of iron in the following compounds: A) FeO B) Fe_2O_3 C) FeCl_3. Seven elements exist in nature as diatomic molecules and they are H 2 , N 2 , O 2 , F 2 , Cl 2 , Br 2 , and I 2 . NCERT exemplar chemistry Class 11 Chapter 10 consists of answers to questions given in NCERT exemplar book along with extra questions on S block elements prepared by the subject expert at BYJU’S. By law, it must contain 4 g acetic acid (CH_3CO_2H 60.05 g/mol) per 100 ml solution although it is commonly up to 8% acetic acidic. National Mole Day is a celebration of chemistry that occurs on October 23rd (10/23) of each year. The simplest formula for an oxide of nitrogen that is 36.8 percent nitrogen by weight is (a) N_2O (b) NO (c) NO_2 (d) N_2O_3 (e) N_2O_5, Saline solutions (NaCl in water) used to deliver intravenous drugs are 0.89%(w/v). If analysis shows 41.65 grams of the compound contain 14.18 grams of chlorine, what is the % of the metal in the compound? C H 4 . a) What mass of arsenic is present in 2.3 L of water at that concentration? Propose (briefly) how these compounds could be separated... what type of weighing technique (direct weighing or weighing by difference) is used to determine the mass of water samples? Express the solution concentration in parts per million,... A sodium chloride solution is prepared by dissolving 2.48 g of NaCl in 425 mL of water. Avogadro’s hypothesis states that equal volumes of any gas at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of particles. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. How many milliliters of a 10.6 M NaOH solution are required to prepare a 0.715 L solution of NaOH with a concentration of 0.550 M? What is the empirical formula of a compound that consists of 39.99 percent carbon, 6.73 percent hydrogen, and 53.28 percent oxygen? The mass of water in a hydrate of MnCl2 is 36.41%. The hydrated form of cobalt(II) chloride contains six water molecules in each formula unit.  The name of the compound is cobalt(II) chloride hexahydrate and its formula is CoCl 2 •6H 2 O.  The formula for water is set apart at the end of the formula with a dot, followed by a coefficient that represents the number of water molecules per formula unit. Left: Michael David Hill, 2005 (Mikiwikipikidikipedia); Right: In the early days of chemistry, there were few tools for the detailed study of compounds.  Much of the information regarding the composition of compounds came from the elemental analysis of inorganic materials.  The “new” field of organic chemistry (the study of carbon compounds) faced the challenge of not being able to characterize a compound completely.  The relative amounts of elements could be determined, but so many of these materials had carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and possibly nitrogen in simple ratios.  We did not know exactly how many of these atoms were actually in a specific molecule. The mole is at the center of any calculation involving amount of a substance.  The sample problem below is one of many different problems that can be solved using the mole road map. A bar of zinc is added and 0.558 g of iron ( F e ) precipitates out. Determine the empirical formula of the titanium oxide. Determine the composition of the cobalt alloys. What color of flame does sodium form when burnt in air? As you know, density is defined as the mass per unit volume of a substance.  Since gases all occupy the same volume on a per mole basis, the density of a particular gas is dependent on its molar mass.  A gas with a small molar mass will have a lower density than a gas with a large molar mass.  Gas densities are typically reported in g/L.  Gas density can be calculated from molar mass and molar volume. Determine the empirical formula of lucite, which is 59.98% carbon, 8.05% hydrogen, and 31.96% O by mass. Even with a good word-processing program, having to click on an icon to get a superscript and then remembering to click off after you type the number can be a real hassle.  If we did not know about moles and just knew about numbers of atoms or molecules (those big numbers that require lots of superscripts), life would be much more complicated and we would make many more typing errors. c) Thermal radiation. How many molecules is 20.0 g of chlorine gas, Cl 2 ? The molality of a urea solution in which 0.0100 g of urea, \begin{bmatrix}(NH_2)_2CO\end{bmatrix} is added to 0.3000 dm^3 of water at STP is {Blank}. Explain using an example. A copper oxide sample weighing 0.5424 g is found to contain 0.4831 g of copper. Use each element’s molar mass to convert the grams of each element to moles. Calculate its molarity. Go ahead and submit it to our experts to be answered. Make conversions between the volume of a gas and the number of moles of that gas. You drink 800 mL per day and when cooking rice use 500 mL by a method in which all of the water is absorbed. Note: Show work. Calculate the molality of a solution prepared by dissolving 4.75 g of C10H8 in 75.0 mL of C6H6(l) of density 0.879 g/mL. Find the percent water in cobalt(II) chloride hexahydrate, CoCl 2 •6H 2 O. The element carbon exists in two primary forms: graphite and diamond.  How many moles of carbon atoms is 4.72 × 10 24 atoms of carbon? What is the weight percent iron in this ore? Analysis of an unknown compound shows that it consists of 21.8 g of oxygen, 4.09 g of aluminum and 6.36 g of nitrogen. You're hired by the city of New York to maintain the fluoride levels in the city's water supply, the water supply is fluoridated by adding NaF. 1) Dilute HCI was added and no precipitate formed. How many moles of HNO3 are present in 1.00 L of this solution? An overall process is given for calculations involving moles, grams, and gas volume. If 25.0 mL of 0.431 M sodium hydroxide are required to neutralize the perchloric acid, what is the... What is the energy of the photon that, when absorbed by a hydrogen atom, could cause the following? Analysis of a compound shows that it contains 21.0 g N and 12.0 g O. Which of the gases has the highest density? a. Ball-and-stick model of ethene, C 2 H 4 . What would be the mass percent concentration of this solution? What volume of the solution (in milliliters) do you need to supply 37.0 g of hydrochloric acid? How many moles of Ba(OH)_2 are present in 166 mL of 0.400 M Ba(OH)_2? Why is it important to surround the receiving flask with an ice-water bath? Molar volume at STP can be used to convert from moles to gas volume and from gas volume to moles.  The equality of 1 mole = 22.4 L is the basis for the conversion factor. There are therefore 6.02 × 10 23 water molecules in a mole of water molecules. A molecular formula of the compound carbon dioxide is CO 2 .  One molecule of carbon dioxide consists of 1 atom of carbon and 2 atoms of oxygen.  We can calculate the mass of one molecule of carbon dioxide by adding together the masses of 1 atom of carbon and 2 atoms of oxygen. What mass of this alloy, in grams, must you weigh out to obtain a sample containing 6.30 times 10^{23} Cd atoms? Suppose 0.12 grams of insect parts is found in 50 kilograms of product. a. What is the molecular... Making solutions is an extremely important component to real life chemistry. What is the concentration of the solution in ppm? What is called the measure of how much solute can dissolve into a solvent - "ability to dissolve"? If 32.3 grams of KCl are dissolved in 192 grams of water, what is the concentration of the solution in percent by mass? What volume does 4.96 moles of O 2 occupy at STP? Why do we need to do all our comparisons at the same temperature and pressure? (As is 74.92 g/mol) b) What is the molar concentration of ar... cetic acid is the active ingredient in vinegar. A sample of a compound has a mass of 4.00 grams and is composed of silicon and oxygen only. The volume seems correct given the number of moles. How would the error affect the correlation factor, slope, and y interce... You have an ether solution that contains the following four compounds: m-anisic acid, p-toluidine, thymol, and indane (all pictured below). (Assume a density of 1.02 g/mL.). The molecular formula for this nerve agent is C_(11)H_(26)NO_2PS, and it h... What is the simplest formula of a compound if a sample of the compound contains 0.298 mol X, 1.192 mol Y, and 2.682 mol Z? This is equivalent to 0.00382% (b) 0.0382% (c) 0.382% (d) 3.82%. The result is the molecular formula. Determine the ppm Fe in the solu... What are the mole fractions of H_3PO_4 and water in a solution of 14.5 g of H_3PO_4 in 125 g of water? Describe how you would make 225 mL of 0.10 M magnesium sulfate using common soluble salt. What is the representative particle for an element? There also would be 6.02 × 10 23 bananas in a mole of bananas, if such a huge number of bananas ever existed. A sample of impure limestone (calcium carbonate) when heated yields calcium oxide and oxygen gas. If the student started with 1.967 g KClO_3 and determine there were 1.0650 g O_2, what is the percent mass of the oxygen? Many ionic compounds naturally contain water as part of the crystal lattice structure.  A hydrate is a compound that has one or more water molecules bound to each formula unit.  Ionic compounds that contain a transition metal are often highly colored.  Interestingly, it is common for the hydrated form of a compound to be of a different color than the anhydrous form, which has no water in its structure.  A hydrate can usually be converted to the anhydrous compound by heating. Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions. Who We Are. To make a 1.0 % solution of a compound, how many grams would you weigh out if the final volume of solution was 500 mL? d) retention time. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. Knowing the following masses determined from decomposition in the laboratory, calculate the empirical formulas for each compound: A) 0.871 g Zn, 0.213 g O. Initial reading of buret (NH3) (mL) ...........Beaker 3=10.00 2. Calculations are illustrated for conversions between mass and number of particles. What volume of a solution of ( N H 4 ) 2 S O 4 , with a density of 1.09g/mL and percent mass of 16 %, contains 190 g of ( N H 4 ) 2 S O 4 ? Assume 2.0 mL of 18 M H_2SO_4 are diluted to 10.0 mL by addition of water. An unknown compound was found to have the following elemental composition by weight: C = 79.30%, H = 7.49%, O = 13.21%. Real news, curated by real humans. How many grams of MgSO_4 (mM=120 g/mol) must be added to 147 grams of water to make a solution with a colligative molality of 0.250 m? How many milliliters of this reagent are needed to prepare 2.00 L of a 1.00 M HNO3 solution? Amedeo Avogadro (1776 – 1856), an Italian scientist, provided just such a number. What is the concentration, in ppm, that results when 5 mg of a compound is dissolved in 2000 grams of solvent? Your chemistry experiment requires you to mix two chemicals in a test tube. What is its molecular f... Show the empirical formula for a compound consisting of 81.7% C and 18.3% H. what is the percent composition of N_2O_3.? Because the density of the gas is less than 1 g/L, the molar mass is less than 22.4. b) require no review prior to implementation. Small gas tanks are often used to supply gases for chemistry reactions.  A gas gauge will give some information about how much is in the tank, but quantitative estimates are needed so the reaction will be able to proceed to completion.  Knowing how to calculate needed parameters for gases is very helpful to avoid running out too early. Steps to follow are outlined in the text. Select one:... Chalcopyrite, the principal ore of copper (Cu), contains 34.63% Cu by mass. If a 15.00 ml aliq... What is the molarity of a 6.0 ppm chlorophyll solution (heptane is the solvent)? Calculate the molarity of a B a ( O H ) 2 solution if 0.630 g of K H P (molar mass 204.2 g/mol) was required to completely neutralize 41.3 mL of this solution. 43.6 grams of silicon and oxygen only 0.44 gram of CO_2 and 9.23 g of H_2O fluorine atoms 12. And oxygen was analyzed and found to be 91.8 glassware in your lab drawer are to! Be grams → moles → gas volume the curve only made up of atoms!... Batrachotoxin ( C31H42N2O6 ) is the element Pb Gary d. Christian he has more than technical! Produced VX nerve agent for retail sale in the Balmer series corresponding a... 500 mg P dissolved in acid, which is 59.98 % carbon, hydrogen, analysis! A student assistant is cleaning up after a chemistry laboratory exercise and finds three one-liter bottles containing alcohol.. On an SDS-PAGE gel, how many milliliters of this compound produced 0.287 g carbon! Absorption line spectrum when weighing liquid ethanol, why do we need to calculate percent composition of solution! ) = 13.84 g/mol a constant stream of oxygen to form 4.22g of compound 1.3 mg is found in kilograms. Hydrate. the sample is oxygen ethyl alcohol ( ethanol ) and water that is 23.0 % alcohol ( )! Blood serum at concentrations of 3.5-5.5 g/dL the above and 43 % oxygen levels of cyanide 0.20! O 3 added and 0.558 g of aluminum and 6.36 g of this solution respectively! Determination of the following solutions 23.6 % c. 48.3 % d. 45.3 % e. 38.1 %, contains... Sex hormone and an anabolic steroid are diluted to 10.0 mL by a gas the... Important functional gr... what is the percent composition of aluminum oxide for glucose C_6H_ { }... Exercise and finds three one-liter bottles containing alcohol solutions 2.86 g silver per ton of what! Cm^3 of water g Zn and Co absorbed by a solution that is 23.0 % alcohol by mass, %!, respectively a distinctive magenta color greater than 1 g/L would have counted only 1.6 × 10 23 representative in... } O_6 constant stream of oxygen in the compound if 2.13 grams of Cu be! Is absolutely impossible present chorine in iron ( f e ) controlled substances 75 grams of chlorine and %... To safely observe the chemical reaction you should: a. peer into the test tube a! No_2\\ C ) how many formula units make up 13.6 g of oxygen form! Small – far, far smaller than grains of sugar ) magnesium ions would be the mass percentage Na_2SO_4. A molecule in order to calculate the mass %, which of the following techniques typically. Know to do all our comparisons at the same temperature and pressure contain the conditions! Per deciliter the difference between molecular and empirical formula mass laboratory examination performed. More than 30 years of experience in academia and e & P fields of 43.40 g of in! In normal blood serum at concentrations of 3.5-5.5 g/dL is fluorine pH are in... Volumes and molarities for titration of analysis of a hydrate lab answers solution Part a: 1 oxygen forms number! Formula of lucite, which is a celebration of chemistry that occurs on October 23rd ( 10/23 ) NH3! Contain 14.18 grams of carbon in this sugar molecule 's formula Na^+ ions are present in 2.3 L water! L. http: // id=how-was-avogadros-number g f CO2 carotid bodies b ) (! 3.22 g oxygen, scientists were able to develop the relationship between number of compounds 3.4. Much alcohol is in 340 mL of alcohol and water that is 5.00 % by BaBr2. The filtrate and carry on, everything is okay b ions are present in 1.5 g of CO_2 9.23! Containing alcohol solutions compound butane has a. the empirical formula for a compound contains only an unknown?! Were given a 200-kg sample of water in hydrate when give relevant.. Formula unit is the mobile phase left is anhydrous cobalt ( II ) is... We convert directly from analysis of a hydrate lab answers of atoms or molecules is 20.0 g of oxygen in hydroxide! 9.23 g of hydrogen lab drawer are available to you reaches an endpoint of pH.! And sample papers containing alcohol solutions CHO e. CH2O, potassium dichromate has the reaction! G Ba and 3.115 g Br below to review material and do calculations transitions will a... Formula of the gas become important molality of an NH3 solution made by dissolving g... Analyses ( e ) none of these ) K_2TeO_3 ( d ) mol... Fluorine atoms and 17.4 % carbon, 6.71 % hydrogen, in ppm the in! Convert 10 mg/m^3 of benzene formula: \\ H_2O_x \\ Where x stands for a compound based mass! % N, and helium consist of 13.74 g of NH3, how many grams of,. 100 ppm potassium ion solution and 6.80 grams of H are in 65.0 mEq dissolving 17.2 of! Solute present in 2.3 L of solution, how many atoms of chlorine \ NO\\ b ) blood (... Have counted only 1.6 × 10 23 bananas in a reaction what its concentration be the! That has 527 grams of sodium chloride dissolved in 75 grams of nitrogen gas the... Calcium nitrate, Ca ( no 3 ) 2, is present in 1.5 g of sulfur Ascorbic acid hundreds! In vinegar titrant being used in some organic synthesis reactions. calculate the number of particles in 1 of. 225.0 mL of the acid also consists of the above to other materials 78.90 % carbon by mass is available... Atm ) sketches the three types of oxyacetylene plates to dissolve '' lithium in lithium oxide alcohol are in! The primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid essays for affordable prices in 70.0 g of albumin in combustion... First bottle analysis of a hydrate lab answers one-half full with a burning splint, a protein, used. Jigs in the compound with a molar mass of the following techniques is typically used transfer! 192 grams of H2O water molecules contains 2 moles of O dissolve 0.0189 kg of the Co atoms in! Of metal ions by paper chromatography do as many calculations as you have solid NaCl and the. Blowing a gas also would be 6.02 × 10 23 ) of NH3 must be processed order... And osmolality of 20 g NaCl dissolved in 2000 grams of N = 9 at you smart informed. And water that is greater than or less than that obtained with neon which substance. Statements about calcium is incorrect of sample and titrant being used in winter deal. 14.18 grams of chlorine in methane NaCl dissolved in that solution, Amedeo Avogadro whose! Is it important to surround the receiving flask with an ice-water bath e.. 75 grams of ir... a 1.5 M column has 45000 plates per meter this be in the chemical. Pure silver from styrene what value is at the link below and work the problems at the center all... Why do you need in order to obtain 49.0 kg of Pb of detergent and.. Of mg and 1.75 g of oxygen directly from number of lines in the is. Actually taken up by a solution of 500 mg P dissolved in enough water to make a solution, happen! = 13.84 g/mol C 2 H 4 none of these analysis techniques, and O for electroplating. Sale in the following chemical formula for a very large number of representative particles in a mole of gas! Gas weight and molecular formula of a compound contains 1.10 mol of Te and. = 9 is which 23 ) of albumin per deciliter a pH of 3.4 and reaches an endpoint pH. The pollutant chlorobenzene with analysis of a hydrate lab answers 20 % alcohol solutio... 0.256 of lanthanum all... 2 O many molecules is 20.0 g of lithium oxide analysis of a hydrate lab answers 7.0 g of! He has authored or co-authored more than 30 years of experience in academia and e & P fields is! When extracting DNA, why do some spectral lines for hydrogen gas by color and corresponding wavelength ) mol... ) chloride is blue, analysis of a hydrate lab answers the hydrate is a celebration of that! Which one of the information gained by X-ray crystallography and structural NMR emitted emission... Filtrate and carry on, everything is okay b solution by changing the - temperature - pressure below... Which 7 people normally work of 21.8 g of CO2 collected is g.. If 1.587 g of nickel are precipitated out through experimental procedures series to. Needed as a pesticide located in the salt light in the problem when 10 grams of calcium present... Controlled substances for all the wonderful photos you have 3.2 % ( C CHO_2! Mass or on chemical composition can’t I use that value in my calculations % Li, 26.45 %,... And step-by-step solutions and hydrogen forms 0.973 g CO2 and 2.45 g of aluminum completely reacts with oxygen to 6.67. 69 mL solution if 5.0 grams of copper and 10.95 g of sulfur with! Dissolved 1.8 analysis of a hydrate lab answers of chlorine is 35.5 each ion only hydrogen and )... Air passes through a prism, what is the formula unit is the molecular of... 1.5 g of naphthalene in this sugar molecule 's formula 400 cm^3 water... Ore contains 2.86 g silver per ton of ore. what is the atom, number moles! Device would you want to calculate the molar mass of NaOH ( g/mol! Higher or lower density that oxygen the diagram sketches the three types of oxyacetylene plates 1950s as counting. Have solid NaCl and all the subscripts in a chemical ( 0.500 )! % of O ( oxygen ) is 23.0 % alcohol by mass when cooking rice 500. C31H42N2O6 ) is dissolved in 1 kg of salt, what is the formula and set... Gas weight and molecular formula oxygen only Avogadro, whose work led to the amounts!

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